The Ship Class system, or the Standard Ship Organization, is a series of somewhat arbitrary divisions used to classify ships of any species. The system has quite a few exceptions but the general rules are below. Each class has a picture with it.

Military Ships


A starfighter (S-Class) ship is a small singular-operating ship that is capable of atmospheric flight and space travel. Most of these ships are equipped with small Alcubierre drive that lets them travel at approximately 300 ly/h. Some larger starfighters have interchangeable parts to fit a situation. The average Starfighter is about 8-10 meters long, with the largest model regularly produced being 25 meters long.


A Corvette (C- class) is a small craft capable of limited combat. They have weak armor and shielding and are used often in battle en masse to swarm enemies. They are also used in special operation missions where larger ships are too cumbersome to use. These ships are quite popular among private companies for the protection of freighters. Combined with quick speed and fast maneuvering, a corvette can be difficult to bring down in combat. They are approximately 15-50 meters long.


A Frigate (F Class) ship is the most common in the Borealis Cluster. They are used as the main volume of most navies. The largest corporations also use these ships as security. They have better weapons and more shielding than Corvettes. These ships are usually 50-200 meters long.


Destroyers (D class) are the second most common ship. They are illegal for private companies or security forces to own, yet this doesn't stop many companies from owning them. They are much more heavily armed than Frigates and have more armor. They are 200-750 meters long.


Cruisers (C Class) are basically the same as destroyers except with more weapons and larger. The Confederacy of Borealis has a navy made of almost thirty percent cruisers. These ships sometimes have a limited carrying capacity for starfighters. Only five corporations own a cruiser. They are 750-1500 meters long.


Battleships (B Class) are the largest ship regularly in use by most navies. They are all very large and have many of the most powerful weapons. they are also the fastest ships. Because they are so fast, the smaller ships usually dock on these ships to get to battle. They are 1.5-3 kilometers long.


Dreadnoughts (D+ Class) are the beginning of larger ship classes. These ships are typically 3-9 kilometers long, and they are required to put on gravitational generators to prevent them from turning into spheroids. Dreadnoughts usually hold cruisers for mass warp travel, and they can house hundreds of thousands of workers.


Titans (T- Class) are some of the largest ships ever produced. These beasts have the largest load-to-weight ratio of any ship, and they are mainly used for the transportation of resources and materials. This does not undermine their grand size and weapons potential, though. The average Titan is about 10-25 kilometers long. Larger models of titans are advised to steer away from planets, moons, and asteroids to prevent gravitational anomalies. This can be countered with gravitational generators, though.

Non-Military Ships


A personal (P class) ship has room for up to 5 people. They are incapable of superluminal travel and are therefore only used for commutes between close objects (like the Earth and Luna, or between two moons of a gas giant). Most civilians do not own one of these craft as B-Class ships are far more practical to use. They are typically 10-15 meters long.


Busses (B class) are the most popular form of travel in the Borealis Cluster. They typically hold up to 100 passengers and are used for interplanetary or very limited interstellar flight. Bus tickets are subsidized by the CoB so taking a bus to commute or travel is the most sensible option. Most planets have billions of B-Class ships around them.


Yachts (Y class) are owned by the more wealthy inhabitants of the Borealis Cluster and come in all shapes and sizes. Their defining features are their reliability and self-sustainability. The largest known yacht is owned by the CEO of the Cassiopeia Consortium. While that yacht is the size of New York, most are about the size of a large mansion and contain many amenities like a fully staffed bar, pool, VR recreation facilities, libraries, and access to the A-Net. It isn't unknown for many yachts to be the permanent homes of company CEOs.The average yacht is 500 to 1000 meters long although many are shorter and many are longer.


Freighter (FR Class) ship is any ship capable of storing over 1 ton of cargo per maximum of 2 meters cubed within its storage areas. These ships usually have limited weapons systems to defend against pirates or raiders. They are typically 50-1000 meters long. Capital freighters (CFR Class) are capable of storing over 1 ton of cargo per 1.3m^3. These ships can be over a kilometer long.


Aura (A Class) ship is a Colony ship, of great size, prepared with the special purpose of transporting several million people as settlers to distant worlds. It is the newest and most advanced colony ship to date. It includes as well, great space to transport goods that would be needed for the new colony to survive, but also for life on-board. It has a nearby perfect recycling system, that allows water, food, waste etc... to be reused. It has several Domes to allow the transportation of Fauna and Flora, similar to greenhouses. The IA is completely in charge of its growth and care, and of processing this plants for feeding the colonists on board. The Ship has been designed to be completely dismantle (If so is needed by the settlers) and used to build the new colony, providing with energy, food and water for a large amount of time. It is mostly manufactured in the Empire of Mankind but sold to many other Nations.


A drone is any ship not meant for human transport. Many warships are drones, as well as many freighters. To denote a drone type ship add a lowercase "d" behind the class name. For example, an automated cruiser would be a Cd class ship.

Construction Drone

A construction drone (COD Class) is a drone used for the construction of large objects. Billions of these drones can complete a 5-kilometer space station in about a month. These drones usually operate under a hive-mind for maximum efficiency. Most construction drones are smaller than five meters because this makes them cheaper to mass-produce. They have an arc torch for welding, usually on the front, but this can vary between model and manufacturer.

Battle Drone

A Battle drone (BRD Class) is a drone capable of combat. These are mostly illegal to use over fears of machine rebellion. The drones are most useful in large numbers, where they can swarm larger targets.They usually only have one particle cannon on their front. Most are equipped with self-destruct devices so they can employ kamikaze tactics when needed.


A micro-drone (MD Class) is any object less than 50 centimeters in length capable of independent movement in space. They are mostly used for small repairs on space stations, and for explosive suicide attacks because they are hard to detect. The smallest one ever made was three micrometers long.

Four-Dimensional Drone

A four-dimensional drone (4D Class) is a subclass of the battle drone. Employed exclusively by only the most elite superpowers, these drones are able to move in four-dimensional space, which allows them to leave the three-dimensional plane at any time, and then move, undetectably, through four-dimensions to the desired location, and then move back into three-dimensions.

Enforcement Drones

Enforcement drones (Ed Class) are used for surveillance and the apprehension of civilian criminals. There are about one of these drones for every one hundred thousand people on highly populated worlds like Earth. They are specialized in taking down fugitives and stopping spacecraft involved in police chases. They are equipped with small particle canons and a taser to take down criminals.

Star Beasts

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