A frozen ice world, this little moon is home to the Grootang species. How they have evolved to a civilization on surface is a mystery, as they lived for ages under ice and glaciers in frigid cold.

Shirron Kel orbits around the gas giant Shirron Ez.

It is located in the Celestara binary system, in the Negamane (RG 0-0-0-520) galaxy.


This freezing ice moon is the smallest world in the Alliance Of Four and has the lowest population. It is home to the cyborg civilization Grootang. Evolved to resist intense cold and darkness, the Grootangs have fused their bodies with technology to further claim their victory over the eternal ice that covers their home.

The Grootang civilization is ruled by "The High Court", or Lilika Mili in Shirronese. Li means "the", Lika means "high" and Mili means "court" Lilika Mili consists of twenty court lords, that are elected every 10th year.


The Grootang civilization is, albeit being both cold and cybernetic, a warm and welcoming one. Its citizens are often viewed as very cute by the other species of the alliance, due to their average height and their sapphire blue skin colour. At least what is left of their skin.

Unlike the other civilizations of the alliance, the Grootang likes to keep its cities close to the ground. The only exceptions are the Lilika Mili court halls. It might has to do with their short stature.


The Grootang civilization loves its shiny and metallic cities. Like their cybernetic bodies, the cities come in many shades of gray.

The cities are powered by gas converted to energy. This gas comes from Shirron Kel's parent planet Shirron Ez. It is transported by interplanetary gas containers that converts the gas to renewable energy on their way back to Shirron Kel.

What the cities lack in height, they make up in technology and tourist service. The Grootangs have invented a transit system between cities called "The Warp Transit", or in Shirronese, Lijoma Lioyny. This public transport system speeds up to 1 AU/sec to transport people to their destination in under a nano second. Shirron Kel also has the most advanced space programs, from intergalactic shuttles to terraforming.


The people of Shirron Kel like to stay calm and rational in every situation. They are hard to anger, but will unleash an array of technological fury if they find themselves in critical danger, as witnessed during an invasion from an enemy civilization that the Alliance believes has been driven to extinction after the Grootang retaliated and attacked their world. Due to the conflict with an alien threat in the past, the Grootangs are extremely skeptical to aliens, save the members of the alliance.


Shirron Kel has no natural satellites of its own, but has many artifical satellites and telescopes.


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