The Silver Halo Galaxy is a spiral galaxy situated about 900 million light years away from the Milky Way. It is similar in size to the Milky Way; having roughly the same number of star systems, and remains one of many galaxies that are currently known to host intelligent life throughout its history.



Ironically, the galaxy is only five billion years old, despite having star systems that are billions of years older. It formed from clouds of gas and dust that were flung off from their parent galaxies, eventually merging to create a slowly rotating sphere of stars. As the eons went by, the galaxy flattened out like a pancake, generating spiral arms and a distinct ring-shape on the outer edge. To some outside observers, it resembles a soulless eye, hence why some civilisations were hesistant to visit it.

While some saw no reason why the galaxy would be cursed, scientists eventually discovered a region where billions of damaged starships were residing. They concluded there must have been an ancient war that destroyed even the most powerful civilisations of the time. Upon further inspection, they listened to old radio signals, determining the conflict must have taken place 485 million years ago. Whatever happened to the participants must be long gone, the scientists concluded.

In the millions of years since the war, the galaxy was largely absent of civilisations. Between 6500 and 2500 BCE, the Samian Hivemind rose up to prominence, before collapsing from civil unrest. The Silver League eventually took its place as the most powerful organisation in the galaxy's history. The Paxites, alongside the Di'Vaornians and Nar'Gorrians, founded the alliance and promised to deliver peace, stability and prosperity to the people of the galaxy. Settlements began appearing around its local cluster of galaxies, asserting full control.

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