Simud is a former frozen Se-Class world terraformed into a temperate Me-Class world. It was the moved into Mars orbit in order to assist with the terraforming of the Red Planet in 2233.


Discovered in 2090 by an asteroid driver probe, this rocky body caught the attention of scientists due to its iron core and its mass. Pre-terraforming, the rocky body was pockmarked with asteroid strikes, a few of which were massive and one of which had darkened one entire side of the object so that no light was reflected back. The first settlement was called Kirk City after the famous captain from Star Trek.

In 2501 the method of terraforming that had been used on Luna was repeated on this world, and within half a millennium Simud was another habitable world with more recognizable genetically engineered plant and animal life. All former smaller asteroid impacts eroded fast. By 2811 Simud had been completely terraformed.

First image of Simud


Like most low gracity worlds in the Sol System, the native inhabitants initially developed artificial technological wings in order to fly around their domed habitats. After terraforming this became a sport on the moon. However, as genetic engineering continued to develop, natural wings were able to be added onto the Simudians.


The moon is mostly forest, coniferous in certain areas and deciduous in others. Plants grow faster and taller here as has been seen on various other lower gravity worlds. For the most part the weather is cool and clear with rainfalls that last for a day occurring once or twice a week.


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