Sirob is a torrid A-class terra within the Roin system. It is named after the Sreppari word for "lava".


D1 - Hot asteroid


The planet is covered in obsidian, basalt, and other igneous rocks, with the occasional lava flow or volcano. A few large lava seas cover some areas of the planet, a result of the tidal stress and close proximity to its star. Although it is far outside of its Roche limit for now, and the orange dwarf Roin is still in its juvenile stage, as the star expands later on Sirob will very likely be ripped to pieces.


The atmosphere is similar in thickness and pressure to that of Venus before terraforming. A majority of it is CO2 expelled from volcanoes, but more of it is water vapor. The vapor is so extremely hot that it does no job at cooling down the planet's surface at all, and the CO2 just creates more of a greenhouse effect. About 7% of its atmosphere is sulfur dioxide, which reacts with the water to create sulfuric acid that blows across the planet in extremely fast storms. The circulating atmosphere moves so fast that sometimes lava is caught up in it, creating torrents of lava and sulfuric acid that blow across the surface. It can even get hot enough to rain rocks. In general, it is not a safe place to be anytime, anywhere.


What Sirob looks like beneath the clouds

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