Smohera is a frigid M-class A-subclass world within Scenth in Xenscara. It is twice as large as Earth and has a gravity of 1.6 Gs. It has 14 moons, 7 of which are named. The rest are seen as insignificant by the Ski'pec as they are dwarf moons.


Smohera's climate is incredibly stable. The weather patterns are predictable, the wind speeds almost never change, and the aurora borealis is constant. There is an unbelievable phenomenon called a quadruple hurricane. This weather anomaly has not died out for 28 Terran years. The quadruple

hurricanes (quad-canes for short) are experienced on the surface as four hurricanes, one after another. Because they mostly occur on the equator, that region is less populated. The strongest hurricane always comes first.

Scientific advancement

Smohera, having been around for a few billion years longer than Earth, has a lot of innovative technologies that went in a slightly different direction from Earth. instead of switching to wormhole engines, the Ski'pec and the rest of Scenth switched to fracture drives. These engines were invented in 324,040,022 BCE. They work by firing a warp laser that creates a temporary "warp tunnel" region of sub-space that allows for travel up to 258 light-years per second. The laser itself goes at an almost infinite speed.


Smohera map 990

A map of Smohera's surface

Smohera has irregular oceans which were formed by rising sea levels. The terrain is very smooth throughout the entire planet. Plant life has a distinct blue-purple shade, shifting more towards blue closer to the coast. The oceans are composed of methane and ethane, with the latter being more dominant. The ground is very rich in opal, particularly in the mountains. Smohera means "shimmering ground" in a dead Ski'pec language. Opal is the Ski'pec's main export.

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