Inhabitants of Dasezt. They are a minor member of the Diunity of Fornax.


Having evolved on the icy ‘plains’ of their planet’s atmosphere, these beings resemble large flying octopi with huge balloons that they use to keep afloat. Their gas bags grow and shrink depending on how much height they need.

They do have the ability to ‘walk’ on their tentacles on the icy ‘floor’ of their level, but rarely do so.


The Snadx emerged and became the dominant form of life within their layer of clouds over 4 million years ago. They were hunter gatherers for many thousands of years until they began to build massive ice cities out of the many ice storms on the dark side of their world.

They are, for the most part, unaware of the outside world as they have a technology level similar to that of the middle ages Earth. When the Molkor kidnapped a few of them for study, the Snadx accused one another of kidnapping and went to war that encompassed the whole planet.

After this war a lasting peace was established when it was confirmed that invaders from above had taken them.


Currently the 932 million inhabitants of Dasezt live in a global feudal state, with many small kingdoms and empires pocketing their world. These kingdoms have been in a state of peace for many hundreds of local years but are no strangers to war. 

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