Sol-Re VII
Vital statistics
Position Confederate Officer, 17307-19947
Age 2712 years, 15 days (at time of death)
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 213 lbs
Sol-Re VII (formerly Alp Narcarra) was a former Confederate Officer of the Intergalactic Confederacy. Born on the Xcathli-controlled Caraneus to a family of great wealth on April 28, 17242, he first made his mark as a Confederate representative during the 17267 elections. At the age of 25, he was the youngest individual to ever hold a Confederate position. During the following decennial cycle, he made his mark by pushing the legislation of several bills to benefit the people of distant systems such as the Orpheus system. This made him so popular that he was re-elected in 17277. As the years went on, he moved from a seat in the Council to the position of Secretary of Defense. He held this position for many years, until the removal of former officer Sol-Re VI from power. He publicly announced his campaign for the position as soon as possible, and eventually won the seat in the 17307 election.

For the following two millennia, Sol-Re VII (as he was then named) presided over his domain with a benevolent hand, treating all within the Confederacy with unprecedented equality. During his tenure, he took drastic steps to ensure diplomatic resolution between member civilizations, as well as abolishing torture and capital punishment.

Relations between Sol-Re VII and the Confederacy grew frosty over time, as the Xcathli were repeatedly accused of shaping the Confederacy to their own benefit. Though Sol-Re VII tried to combat this by encouraging equality, his Xcathli ancestry caused his pleas to fall on deaf ears. This unrest amongst the Confederacy eventually led to the War of the Decamillenial Transition, at which point Sol-Re VII was deposed from power. At the time of his removal in 19947 AD, 765 of the 1000 members of the Confederate Council had voted against him.

Sol-Re VII was found dead in his home on May 13, 19954. The cause of death was found to be total organ failure, possibly from the Penultima majora bacteria. At the time of his removal from power, he was the longest-serving Confederate Officer in history, and is still considered a hero among the Xcathli and their subjects.

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