Solit is a D-Class cold desert in the Rubrum system, and is has a large storm similar to Tempest, except it is not nearly as hot as Tempest is, and is way larger then it with a diameter of 13300 km, slightly larger then Earth. Even though it is larger than earth, it has a surface gravity of 0.58299 g, due to it's very iron-poor and low density core. Its atmosphere is thin, with a surface pressure of 0.134 atm and is made of entirely CO2. It is also tidally locked like Tempest, but has no moons.


The surface of Solit is desert, with many dormant volcanoes. There is a strange and large white spot about the size of Mars near it's day side, which has lighter colored sand and a high density of volcanoes. This might be an impact crater from long ago, and if a giant object crashed into Solit, then that might be the cause for its weak iron core and gravity.

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