Inhabitants of Di'hwaj and possible First Civilization candidates.

Physical description

Taller than humans at a standard height of 2.5 meters, the Sood Keueitt are thinner than humans as well. They are insect-like, with six limbs in total, four of which they use to walk. Their front two legs are the stronger with a pair of pincers that they stand on. The back pair is mainly used for balance and has no pincers at all. They get around by walking on those four legs and hopping if necessary.

Their arms have three digits that they use to manipulate tools and such. Their torso and forearms are covered with setae (hairlike structures). Their head reassembles any generic terrestrial insect, with an egg shaped head, antennae, a pair of eyes that see remarkably like human ones, and two pairs of mandibles, outer ones for breaking down harder pieces of food with smaller ones to chew their food.

They have a very hard exoskeleton which protects them from the elements. Their language is a collection of clicks.


Like ants, they are a matriarchy, with large colonies buried beneath the dirt and sometimes even ice of their world. Their underground cities are marvels to behold. They do make cities above the ground as well, building large buildings that rival their underground cousins.

It is known that they at least reached their moon at one point in their history, about 13,000 years ago before their population experienced a massive reduction due to the eruption of the planet’s supervolcano. Their former technological greatness is barely remembered as myth, with the names of many of the survivors being revered as gods who rose from the ashes of the rebirth of the world.

Technologically they are about the equivalent of just now rediscovering farming techniques.

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