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Welcome to the 200th Millennium Wiki!

The 200th Millennium Wiki is a soft sci-fi community, over 1200 user-created articles. Here, our hope is that the imaginative users of Space Engine will be able to create backstories for many of the living worlds of this amazing program. They can be the homeworlds of some alien race, or a colony world, or just a random world with life. Our articles include thing as big as Superclusters, and things as tiny as Bacteria... Feel free to create almost anything with boundless space! Over our years of creation on the wiki, we have grown to become an interconnected, high quality, and fun place to stay.

The 200th Millennium Wiki allows all writing types and styles. Countless additions are welcome to the wiki, including realism to borderline fantasy. As long as you follow the Minimum Article Requirements and Rules, you will be set!

The idea of it all...

The idea is simple: You may create almost anything that you can conceptualize. Tales? Empires? Vast galaxies? Intricate planets? That is all there. We accept anything from hardcore sci-fi to borderline fantasy, utilizing SpaceEngine as a way to get images and ideas about a system of yours. Please note that we only accept high quality (Any low quality that you see will soon be weeded out or redone!) and that you should put thought and care into your pages!

Come and see our Brand New Editor Guide if you are interested in making something fresh. This also details basic rules and bits of common sense about an article.

The Kardashev Scale, our most prominent core concept, has just been re-worked. Take a look and add any suggestions!

Utilizing SpaceEngine, we can also allow you to create your own Custom System. You can edit almost every attribute to a planet, down to its little grass particles.

See our selection...

The 200th Millennium Wiki has many high-quality and well-known articles! The highest quality and most lore intensive things are here:

Confederacy of Borealis (In development)

Commonwealth of United Economic Nations

The Supreme


Empire of Mankind



Sol System

Saykya System

If you are further interested, please check out our Planet Repository and Navigation pages! These will show you more in-depth areas of the wiki.

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