Space Station Alpha is a relatively small space station orbiting the planet Earth at an altitude of 2000 km above its surface. Despite its size, it is considered one of the most important space stations in the Confederacy of Borealis due to it being the maximum security meeting point for important officials. Historically, the war meetings related to the First and Second Galactic Wars were conducted inside the station. It also holds a special place in human space exploration, as one of the first stations ever to house humans permanently.


The station was constructed early in the recent history of mankind, well before the discovery of the Warp Drive. It was initially used as a research station, and it became an occasional matter of disputes until the United Republic of Space Settlements came into power and took control of the station. Due to the construction of a larger station utilized as their senate, Space Station Alpha came into obscurity and was only preserved from decaying into the atmosphere due to its historical value (it was boosted into a higher orbit to minimize atmospheric drag). After the fall of the URSS, the Confederacy of Borealis upgraded the station and utilized it as a meeting room - a small station was far easier to secure from terrorists compared to a 1 km-wide one. The original parts of the station are still attached to the upgraded modules, but its low-level technology were deemed to dangerous for ordinary visitors and are hence closed from public.

To follow its initial design, the station relies on solar power and routine supplies of oxygen and food from outside instead of producing its own food.


The orbit the station occupies is a restricted area for many types of satellites and spaceships heading towards or from Earth are required to deviate slightly when approaching the orbital zone of the station. This has caused some degree of (baseless) conspiracy, since the station can be easily spotted from the Earth's surface below polar latitudes.

Some has associated the station's image with political power since only high-ranking officers are allowed entry, with ultimately only six individuals at any given time allowed access to the ancient module. These people are:

Very few of such full meetings have occurred in the history of humanity - there were only 24 recorded full meetings between the year 3000 and 10000 (4 of them were related to the galactic wars, 1 was humanity's entry into The Intergalactic Confederacy). Almost all of these have all been done at crisis times or to make decisions that will permanently alter the path of the whole galaxy.


The Space Station Alpha has had many names throughout its long history. Before its current name, it was named the SECSTAT-1 and TMSOP (Terran Maximum Security Orbital Platform). In the early transition period, it was named The Galactic Historical Orbital Monument.

Some other names also circulate around the galaxy either as slang or as a derogatory for the perceived elitism of the station e.g. Politics Station, The 0.0000001%, etc. Some native Earth inhabitants, however, whose ancestors had lived in Earth since mankind evolved 3 million years ago, call it by the name it was given when it was put into orbit in the year 1998 - International Space Station.

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