The Spherium of Amatria, simply referred to as the Spherium, is an intergalactic, democratic government that mainly resides in the Amatria galaxy. It has millions of colonies spread across the local galactic cluster and a few thousand throughout the wider Universe as they continue to explore.

Since the Amatrian Revolution, the Spherium has devoted itself to peacemaking and maintaining order in the Universe. They've forged alliances with the Confederacy of Humanity, but remain rivals with the Gorvat Empire

The Spherium has endured many wars and disasters over the millennia. They were heavily involved in the Second Intergalactic War, the War of the Decamillenial Transition and many others. Early on in their history, they fought a nuclear war on their home planet Rocia before colonising their star system.

As of present day, it is home to over 1 quintillion Orcians and maintains colonies across dozens of galaxies. 

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