The Starbright System (RS 5310-4-6-112605-46 in 9.7.3), known to the locals as either the Ekratha System, the Wuuuuuiii System or the Luuoo, located a mere 449.23 light-years from the center of its parent galaxy M110 (a very close neighbor to the Andromeda Galaxy), is a unique system in and of itself.

It was named Starbright because the captain of the exploration ship was reading Pinocchio to his son and had just gotten to the Starlight, Starbright part when the ship dropped out of warp at the system’s edge. He decided to name it Starbright after that verse. It is a binary system with Starbright A being a class G3V main sequence star and Starbright B being a class M0V red dwarf.

This system, probably in part due to its age of 7.3 billion years has not two but three life bearing worlds, each with a unique set of intelligent life.

The major settled worlds of Starbright are:







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