Starling Class Shuttle MK IV

The Starling Class Shuttle was originally designed in the year 2070 by the company Orbtran Co. It was originally built to be able to land anywhere, including Venus. Using plasma thrusters it is able to lift off and orbit every terrestrial body in the Sol System. Since 2070 the Shuttle Orbiter has been retrofitted and upgraded many times until it became the versatile ground to orbit shuttle we have today, the Starling Class MK VI. It has been the standard shuttle up to the present day.


Stock Starling Class MK VI

Manufacturer: Orbital Vehicle Designs

Year: 2216

Mass: 18 Tons

Length: 25.32m

Pressure Rating: 200atm

Temperature Rating: 750C

Electric and Propulsion

Powerplant type: Fuji type Fusion Reactor

Power output: 15,000 MW

Engine Type: Rapid Plasma Burner

Earth TwR: 2.5

DeltaV: 80 Km/s

Warp Capabilities: None

Retail Price: C2,144,000

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