Stepul(RS 0-9-76693796-411-6-6-40127-52 7, is a particularly odd location, as It is one of the coldest planets in the known universe, particularly with intelligent life. Stepul Is a T-class world. Average temperatures reach around -200 C. Stepul has an unknown atmosphere, causing an orange-red sheen.


Stepul is a really weird place. Flora on the planet comes in vivid colors, sometimes creating huge patches of green and orange. Stepul also holds odd creatures, ranging from the Aliunire, which can run at over 240 Kph, up to giant floating horse-like creatures, called Movolants. As such, Stepul is a heavy tourist location, and commonly used as a location for genetic science, as the creatures really could not get any weirder. Glowing, massive trees light up the nighttime on this planet.

Climate on Stepul is again, odd. Large typhoons are common, but these actually make the area affected colder, as it creates Argon Snow. Interestingly, you can Make Snowmen (or more properly, argon men) and they stick together quite well.


When Polinians first travelled to Stepul and It's galaxy, the Stardust Dwarf Galaxy(SDG), they were surprised to find an exotic species taking over the galaxy. Relations, however, went very well and now are allied with the Stepul Empire. Stepul and Polinians now share a language, as Stepul's old language has been deemed, "Too Outdated."


As said before, life on Stepul is odd. All life on Stepul is exotic. The dominant Species, The Stepul, are a mid type IV Civilization. The Stepul Came to Be Around 1.4 Billion BCE, and are considered quite old. However, because of religious attachment and slow expansion from the cold, they expanded very slowly. Evidence shows, however, they did meet The First Civilization, but parted soon after. It is thought that at this time, they had very similar languages. Stepul talk in a cricket-like click, but can speak with more humanoid vocal cords.

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