This page is dedicated to very abnormal encounters found in Xa'Thin memory drives and recent history. These can include anything from wacky probes, multi-dimensional essence, and artifacts that changed The Xa'Thins entire perspective on themselves!

The point of this page is to pretty much spice up Xa'Thin history and understanding.

Encounter I: 'Ancient Probe' 8047 CE

This story takes place in a calm spot of the Oort Cloud Where a Xa'Thin scout ship went through a wormhole to survey objects and planets of a random system they found in the Milky Way. All things seemed to go by as usual. But then, the scouting ship detected a small metal object hurdling towards them. In a sort of panic and excitement, they went to match speeds of the object, and take it in for surveying.

Once the crew took it in, they saw that it was a small-class probe, Possibly created by a Class 0 or Class 1 civilization. This excited the crew even more, as the only other life the Xa'Thins knew at the time was within the M110 galaxy. They looked at the surface of the probe, and took glances the ancient computers. The Crew saw that they were filled with instruments, the most important one being a camera. With this knowledge, they carefully opened the probe to look for any potential photographs. This was to pin down any starting point for the probe.

Soon, they found an old storage system, and connected to it with ease. They uncovered low quality images of a few planets, and pictures of a beautiful blue world. The best part is that it also contained pictures of some strange sapient beings with fauna and flora! Once the crew members spotted these artifacts, they went to discover more of the probe immediately. It didn't take long until one of the crew members spotted a golden disc on the side, with a plaque nearby. Looking at the plaque and disc, they were dumbfounded.

Back on the surface of the probe, they saw some illustrations of the beings from before, with a drawing of the probe behind them. To the bottom was a flat model of a system. This appeared to match the planets from the pictures. To the left, The Crew noted some seemingly random lines. On the top of the diagram of lines, they saw two circles and a line connecting them on top. After some thought, it was decided that this plate and the disc were some sort of message. After their conclusion, a majority of the crew decided it was best to use old technology to decode both relics.

The disc was decoded with some scratchy rotating device that was pre-retrofitted on the side of the craft. They decoded on how fast it would go to make one revolution around the record they found, and they played it.

As soon as they turned on the device, they heard alien sounds, and songs. After hearing this, a few crew members cried in joy, as the music was so different to theirs, yet so beautiful.

The plaque was decoded with visuals over a period of weeks. All of the unknown symbols appeared to be a map of close-by neutron stars, a model of a hydrogen atom, and units of measurement used by the young civilization. After that, they finally sent the probe off with better computing power, a psionic brain core, and packed it with new messages, better pictures of the planets, a photo of their ship, and other photos attached to help other potential civilizations discover this new naive civilization, as well.

After this whole fiasco, the crew of the scouting ship reported the event of possible sapient life directly to the Xa'Thin president. The public was alerted about this only hours later. It ended up gaining so much traction that an immediate expedition was set out to find the creators of the probe. They did.

In the end, (around 10000 CE) the artifacts taken from this incredible probe are currently preserved in a science and biology museum on Earth. after Xa'Thin scientists realized it was Humanities'.

Encounter II: 'Thin Stick Swarm' 3283 CE

This story takes place on a Ranian sky tour, When constructors found a strange, dark resin on the side of a cloud city. Initially, they thought it was from some sort of exhaust. But after months of looking, they found nothing to piece it together. Funds were low, so they just kept it there until they would clean it.

All of this was just described as some normal ship exhaust until a civilian spotted some movement on the outer rim of a city, and near the spot of resin As they began to tour over the Great Dark Spot, thousands of people felt disoriented, and perhaps saw a vision. Maybe it was real!

What this was described as was soot-colored stick bugs walking up the fence, and somehow phased through the main shielding.. These bugs ended up all over the wildlife areas, and the sources of water. Pictures from this event are shown as authentic, with stick bugs in trees, on buildings, and on some citizens! Almost all witnesses remember that in the midst of it, a giant one with black and neon colors on it began to round up all the stick bugs in a perfect, large circle. After passing over the Great Dark Spot about 30 minutes later, they all scurried off, and appeared to jump off the cloud city. The wind also seemed to blow them near a spot of the resin. Only a few moments later, all stick bugs traveled through the resin as a sort of portal, to somewhere unknown.

Even after all of that, many people were doubtful of the events authenticity. Maybe this whole thing was a story, or a lie, or maybe it was a product of someone who was drugged. Still fun to think about, though.

Encounter III: 'Carbon Copy' 190612 CE

This story takes place on a Xa'Thin Tourist ship, approximately 38,000 kilometers away from Earth. All was going smoothly until a anomaly was detected near the rear of the ship. When the crew members pulled up the information, they were in an immediate state of panic. The anomaly mentioned was a Class VI. This meant that the ship could collapse at any moment, and other surrounding ships might experience lethal quantum shifts. At once, they called in a warship which appeared about a minute later, to investigate the anomaly. Tourists were required to go into their cabins, and stay in lockdown mode until the situation was resolved.

After the tourists were completely safe, the warship sent out 3 Sapient Pods to look at the anomaly up close. What they discovered seemed to bring tension to a halt.

All 3 pods looked at the anomaly, which in turn happened to be a safe wormhole, suit for traveling. The anomaly level still wavered at a VI, though. Once the pods finish analyzing, they returned, and 4 pods with scientists in them looked at the pod. Their computers seemed to detect lots of radio waves, and other mixed signals. Some of them were decoded after some time, and it seemed to display some form of instruments, and a few pitches that sounded similar to ancient human music. In the end, the zone was blocked off, and more investigation had to be conducted.

The pods with scientists decided to go back to the warship, and decided to send in 60 AI pods that were specifically meant to go into the wormhole, and discover what really was on the other side. Once the logs came back, the crew members appeared to be dumbfounded. The following below are some of the logs retrieved from Probe #0006, which was tasked with deeply surveying and taking a few photos.

00:18:41 SUT: Probe #0006 Waking Up,

01:19:17 SUT: All Systems Booted

01:22:35 SUT: Probe #0006 Exiting Wormhole

01:22:40 SUT: Object detected around 38000 Units Away

01:22:41 SUT: Star detected, appears to be a [CLASS:YELLOW_DWARF]

01:23:26 SUT: 8 Planets detected in star system

Object appears to be a [CLASS:TERRA] With Signs of Water

02:48:56 SUT: Full Examination complete, Sapient Life Detected! Life appears to be a class 0.7 Civilization.

03:27:29 SUT: Entering Atmosphere, expected to take about 1 standard minute.

03:28:32 SUT: Metallic Structures Detected, Taking Automatic Photo...

Photo Submitted


This was the only photo taken during the operation. Obviously, this shocked Humanity, as it looks to be a clone of an ancient city around the Japanese Isles.

05:13:47 SUT: Scanning Planet #2 In the system...

After that, Probe #0006 and other probes appeared to scan copies of Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and a few asteroids before being called back. Whatever this is, it must be a sign of different timelines, or universes. After the definite realization of this being another sort of timeline, many scientists rushed to the spot, and collected large amounts of information from the past versions of Humanity and Xa'Thainity.

In the end, many civilizations appeared to take advantage of this new wormhole and silently watch their past selves. A few of them decided to give warning messages, and even come down to their homeworlds to act like gods. This was eventually banned, and the wormhole eventually collapsed after all ships left around few years later.

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