Stratastrophe is hands down the most hellish, but one of the most interesting, planets within the Terminus System. It is a D-Class world, and its surface is charred with lava oceans, and soot-colored ground. If you were to look up, you would see red clouds coming from igneous rock particles blown up by the supersonic winds.

General Info

Stratastrophe was named after its hellish appearance, first spotted by Human scouts exploring the system. While surveying its cloud tops, many cameras had trouble penetrating them as the thick atmosphere and low lying lava-fog on the surface deflected almost all (99.72%) of light that approached its surface. As a result, strong infrared cameras had to be borrowed from local agencies. This had to be done in order to correctly map the surface. Expeditions were done soon after the mapping was complete.

Operation 'Beast Claw'

Here are the surface expeditions of Stratastrophe.

Log (#001)

This log is the first one of the series, and the first official touchdown on Stratastrophe. The crew is comprised of 1 Xa'Thin engineer, and 2 Human scientists.

Hour 1

Mission Control: Expedition "Beast Claw" has begun. Please depart from your station, Ghou'Sok.

Ghou'Sok: Mission Control, The pod has decoupled.

Tess: Alright! Let's get the move on. Mike, check for any anomalies when we arrive, capiche?

Mike, Curious: Sure!

Mission Control, to Tess' radio: Please fire up the engines, the maneuver point is closing in.

Tess: Oh, Ghou'Sok, can you please fire the-

Ghou'Sok: Sure.

Tess: Uh- oh, you all have future vision. Got it.

Ghou'Sok: Chuckles

The engines are turned on, and fire for 4 seconds. The ships is en route to make an aerobrake.

Mike: Alright MIssion Control, we should be entering the atmosphere in 15 minutes. What should we do?

MIssion Control: We want you lot to conduct surveys for the atmosphere once you enter. For now, you can rest a little.

Beast Claw Team (In close unison): Affirmative.

Hour 1, 12 Minutes

Tess turns on the intercom to full communications mode once again.

Tess: Alright, Overseer! It is go time! Our ship is detecting some elements of carbon dioxide, water, and some, uh, sulphuric acid? I don't believe our surface scanners picked that up...

Mission Control: We are reviewing the logs, looks like the acid is deeper in the atmosphere.

Tess: Thank god we brought those shields.

MIke: Speaking of which... Ghou'Sok, it's getting toasty in here.

Ghou'Sok: I agree. Temperature is increasing quite a bit, permission to turn on thermal shields?

Mission Control: Permission granted. Please do.

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