Sunna (RS 8409-1353-8-11843423-240 A v0.973), also known by some local inhabitants as Sol and officially catalogued as DEMS 883 is a cool red dwarf that gauges at 2669 °C. It is roughly the same age as the Sol System at 4.4 billion years of age. Sunna is part of a trinary system that includes two brown dwarfs. The Sunna system is 21 lightyears away from Earth between the Lepus and Eridanus constelations and was discovered and explored in 2069 by an ESA FTL probe.


The Sunna system contains two habitable terrestrial worlds that were quickly colonized by Norwegian settlers during the expansion in 2073. One of the worlds orbits a warm J-Class world that was found to be home to many bird-reptilian like creatures that live within its atmosphere in the year 2074.

Notable Planets of Sunna

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