The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 is MY idea you hobos!!!! (no offense) so Please don't steal it!!!! You can edit it if you want but be kind pretty please :( Maybe Add Your Empire To The Hit List (BELOW! ITS BELOW!! READ IT NOW!!! :D) So Then I Can See If Its A Match Against MY Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000!

The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 is soo cool. Like, its the first ship made and its the best one too, because I said so.c Also it is like sapient and can talk to ONLY ME. I have to be alone so i can hear it, as well, so you cant see him :(

(Hey guys my dad said he would like his hotdog stand promoted so here you go!!! You go dad!! ((Thanks for the nintendo switch!))) :D (Plaese look to the infoebox! and you'll see the carls hotdog stand in Staten island.. )

Hit list?!?!

Yeah heres the hitlist! im gonna match asome weird countrys against my cool mashine.

Stayt of LoZal: Lose! Why? The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 is just too strong!!!!!! and xathans are weird as heck like lol.. :(

federashion of united star system: win (not destroy it) because i'm human I like humans!!! :) also LOL F.U.S.S.!!! (the word fuss) lol

Shebinks: THEY are like siders :( too many arms for mee. also purple. LOOES!! (no offence)

Xcathly: Lose! why? they are wierd lol :O

The seekers: Loose! Because they're evil as heck bro! :(

The Spreame: LOose! They are evil so my The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 kills 'em!! :D

DELYATU: um Idk they're ok... not evil.. so maybe tehy are friends :L

Teh brians: Theyir Very Cool Tbh! I Give It A Pass!:D

ᛏᚺᛖ ᛗᛁᛋᛏ: >:(

Growficks: T00 OP!!! PL3453 N3RF. also i band them from the onmiverse.

The Neow-Terrain Intergasmacktic Hegemonemoanemone: THESE GUYS ARE HUMAND BUT BAD WTH >:( DEAD!! DEADER. GONE. BYE BY.

Teh Etomology.: They r extinkt so they pass ! :( sorry hat you dead guys :(

the server : RECKONING RECKONING RECKONING RECKONING ᚱᛁᚴᚴᚬᚾᛁᚾᚴ ᚱᛁᚴᚴᚬᚾᛁᚾᚴ ᚱᛁᚴᚴᚬᚾᛁᚾᚴ pass! they'ir kewl. =)


The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 is a machine of utmost sophisticated design. It has a huge volley of complex rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, garages, and some cars in there. Maybe I will explain these structures, but, most likely, It'll be another one of the damned WIP's. I have no idea, to be honest.

The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 has only one designer, and he is very wise and cool. ( strong as well.) and he wont tell his secrets. That's why there are only 3 Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machines left in existence.

The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 has been noted as a level IX threat by the Galactic Council, and there is an ongoing effort to delete every single Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 known. So far, only one Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 has been destroyed in recent history, by a man with the alias of 'Carl.' All attempts to contact this 'Carl' have been met with echoing messages that are heard throughout the omniverse. One of these messages, (The precursor Message #0) is the main reason why The Galactic Counsel has declared it as such a high threat level.

Message #0 is theorized to cause guilt in everyone hearing it, and in some cases, suicide. A total of 53 Septillion organisms either committed self-harm or ended their lives entirely. It is said that if another one of these messages appears in this magnitude again, you're boned.

The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 has only one manufacturer and appears to be the Carl from earlier. How Carl made The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 is entirely unknown, and if you ask him how he did it, you'll instantaneously die. Like, death from above or something.

The only surviving photo of Carl, where he is featured to be inside his hot dog stand. In the photo, it is theorized he is making top quality hotgods, (Yeah, hotgods) and some parts of The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000

Threats committed to our universe

This is a list of threats emitted by The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000. These threats are taken with the highest order of diligence, and seriousness. For real.

Threat I: 'Alpha-Blue'

While having a cool normal day on Lokira, some Xa'Thin ground control detected a strong communication through their machines. Only moments later, The Confederacy reported mass suicides after every radio, television, pocket device, and microwave appeared to speak against their will. The message was ejected from a Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000, and it contained a message that shocked the masses. When the message was decoded, it said: "Hey, Tim. Get off! Its bedtime you sack of sh-" The message was cut short, but it was enough to cause mass grief within the vicinity of Earth, Lokira, and even far-reaching systems throughout the multiverse. It also resulted in countless travel expeditions, and missions to end. Its lingering effect also caused the galactic economy to go down a shocking 32%. This message alone is one of the main reasons that the Lo'Xal FEderation gained so much crime, but it is covered up as a more regular story.

Threat II: 'Woah, it targeted The Seekers this time.'

During a mission to infiltrate Xa'Thin ground, captain D'azar Oowik of The 5th Legionary Seekers warped into a system only 32 light years behind Lo'Kria. Unfortunately for them, The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 also warped in mere milliseconds later. The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000, tired with The Seekites shenanigans, blasted messages to D'azar's ship, which caused it to implode instantaneously. The message, to this day, is unknown as any audio devices the recorded it were fried, and any hearings of the event caused immediate memory loss of it.

Threat III: 'Three Strikes = Out'

Threat III consisted of a strange ringing and pulsating. It is currently unknown on what it exactly is, but it caused a mass panic. This is because of the common knowledge that there are now three recorded messages from Carl. Everybody knows that three strikes = out. So, as a result of the third message, almost every organism headed for shelter. They all knew that they were going to die. Luckily, the third message from The Super-Triple-Omega-Death-Machine-3000 was just a warning, and a real third message would make the universe, and me, the writer, cease to exi

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