Floodpiecers define the superdomain of the whole Glanadi tree of life. Now they are (according to the data traced and combined from all the discovered species) the uniting form of all existing Glanadi's creatures, the only ones that came intact out of the abiogenesis process. Respectively, now they are extinct, leaving only their descendants, sharing some of their characteristics, to survive. As such these proto-bacteria equivalents had certain features, part of which were passed on to other creatures, part that were their own. For example, they were very proficient in living and being super active in flooded habitats but nowadays not all Glanadians need flood to survive. Floodpiecers produced lots of descendants but said production was strictly seasonal in order to suceed. Their relatively flat, rag-like form assured that they always could easily absorb necessary molecules and stick to surfaces when necessary.

Inheritable traits: Adaptability to flooded habitats, flat bodies, sticky membrane surfaces, increased activity under wet circumstances, high offspring rate

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