Supreme Leader Ixxenos
Vital statistics
Position Supreme Leader of the Nexus of Humanity
Age 49
Status Alive; reigning on Ixxena Zenith
Physical attributes
Height 6'5
Weight 161 pounds

Supreme General Ixxenos, being photographed 17 kilometres away by a Confederacy drone.


Supreme Leader Ixxenos (real name: Matthias Ixxenon Malasaf) is the current reigning commander of the Nexus of Humanity, a more reactionary and authoritarian strain of human dominion in the Milky Way. Born on Europa in 9951 CE, Matthias was subjected to a series of hardships and internal struggle, before debarking with a similar-minded clique into the fringe regions of the Milky Way. There, the culmination of the Nexus of Humanity was made. From that point on, Matthias crowned himself "Supreme Leader", and began massive colonization of the system currently known as Ixxena Zenith. Ixxenos is the most famous living believer of the Neoxian religion, and a large advocate for it inside of Nexus lands.


Matthias Ixxenon Malasaf was born on June 27th, 9951 CE, on the colonized Jovian moon of Europa to a Silemon Malasaf and Andromeda Gyllestein; descendants of the Neoxians. Despite being in a major moon in the Sol System, the Malasaf family still struggled to catch the prime fish that was universally found. This was due to their residence in one of Europa's cities; particularly the center. Due to this factor, Matthias began to socialize and hang around more shady characters of the city, learning the fine arts of organized crime in the most well protected system.

Both of his parents died in a freak accident when fishing on Europa's global ocean. Being an only child, Matthias solemnly went to live with his new friends, and delved into the depressing history of Humanity. There, he found the stories and legends of the universally-despised Nazism and fascism, which emphasized action over despair. This self-indoctrination climaxed in 9970, when the 19 year old boy betrothed his new-found family to the ideologies of the past axes. Gaining a large reputation as "the Leader", Matthias constantly defamed the Confederacy of Humanity for their decentralization and lack of an all-mighty role model. The governor of Europa was notified of the increasingly-popularized words of Matthias, and acted quickly to banish him and his followers before starting a rebellion akin to other authoritarian would-be regimes. During this banishment to Proxima Centuari, Matthias renamed himself "Ixxenos" and adopted the Neoxian branch of Christianity after proclaiming a revelation from Christ.

After spending a mere two years in Proxima Centuari, Ixxenos and his followers purchased multiple warp-capable ships and terraforming contracts from Terragen Co., following a monumental blackmail and bribe secretly orchestrated by contacts from the Cult of the Black Sun. With the contracts and ships, Ixxenos departed for the fringe regions of the Milky Way's arms, where the Confederacy had little control, and initiated the rise of the Nexus of Humanity.


Ixxenos is very stoic, both in stature and in voice. This is most likely due to the death of his mother and father at a very early point in his childhood. Alas, he is very straightforward and charismatic when it comes to public speeches and appearances. Being extremely intelligent and crafty, Ixxenos is able to exploit the psychology of nearly every man, woman, and alien without much effort. This also stems from his rough early life, which taught him how to beguile and trick to survive.


Ixxenos is a staunch authoritarian and fascist; a group if ideals that do not hold that well in the minds of 10000 CE individuals across the galaxy. Yet, he still rules with a stable iron fist across the Nexus of Humanity, instilling control and order to all under the banner of Ixxenos.

The Supreme Leader is also a practitioner of Neoxian Christianity; a radical version that was supposedly wiped out in 4556. Due to the general beliefs in Neoxianism, Ixxenos has gone on a spree of deportations and imprisonments to many Muslims and Neo-Norse. However, Ixxenos is a strong ally to the Cult of the Black Sun, which aided him in attaining Terragen contracts and transport ships. This means that Black Sunism is also the only official religion; as long as Neoxian elements are incorporated.

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