Born in 9884, Supreme Leader Taide is the current galactic leader of the Rixxes' galaxy, owning much of its star systems and the Republic of Rixxes.


The last of his kind, Taide adopted his name after the horror's of the Rixxes War, witnessing charred corpses and bereaving from murdered relatives. Originating from a rich and royal family, he first became the Prince of Rixxes and, after his father's death, was crowned the King of Rixxes. He suffered tragic injuries from an attempted assassination in his holiday home in 9901 when a bomb set off in their home during night. After this, he recieved two new robotic hands, legs and feet (his arms were left with minor effects).

Now at the age of 116 years old, he still rules with an iron fist over the galaxy with billions of star systems pledging their allegience to him. He remains the last of his species, while the rest of them were brutally murdered in the Rixxes War.

He stands at 7 ft 1 (2.15 meters) tall with long, muscular arms and legs, allowing him to pick up objects weighing almost a kiloton. Although the average lifespan of his species is around 130 years, he has recieved genetic modification before birth to allow him to become immortal, a choice made by his parents.

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