The Suralis Empire, often shortened as The Empire, and nicknamed as The Scientist, is an intergalactic trans-boreal federation located in the 7-L Cluster. The Suralis Empire is mostly known for spearheading the development of the Warp Generation Ship and the Cluster Portal projects. They are also (rather infamously) known for being the primary forces behind the Herschel Front in the War for All. The Suralis Empire is also responsible for being the main technological hub within the 7-L Cluster. They have devised countless improvements for inventions, which helped the Alliance of Five during the War for All.

The Suralis Empire was the second member to join the Alliance of Five, back when The Seekers and the Suralis Empire were the only two major nations in their region. Since then, the Suralis Empire has supplied every member with technological goods and services.


The Suralis Empire owns over 13 thousand galaxies, putting it on level with the Seekers and the Araxis Confederation in size. However, The Suralis Empire is weaker in their military, as a result of a large portion of their funding being directed towards technological growth.

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