The inhabitants of the planets Agugarar and Zontograr.

Physical Description

The Swarm is one of the few hive mind species ever discovered by the Confederacy. It’s the only hive mind to not have any leadership and to have evolved on two neighboring worlds. It resembles small flying leaf bugs like those on Earth but with ten legs, four prism eyes which can see in every direction. The individual Swarm Bugs can blend into the trees of both worlds. The life span of the individual Swarm Bugs is indeterminate as they can reproduce asexually and their “offspring” if one can call them that, are always connected to the hive mind of the Swarm.

It has the ability to mimic any sounds it hears which is useful when it works as backup FTL communications officers for the Confederacy. It also has a very high tolerance to heat and cold and different gravitational indexes, as is evident by its ability to thrive on its two different worlds.

It can reach its mind across light years instantly.


There are many theories on how the same species could evolve on two planets, especially since the conditions on the planet are different. One theory is that the Swarm isn’t native to the two planets but that it arrived on both planets from a distant star system. Another theory is that microbes from space crashed into both planets from one asteroid. One other theory is that it used to be two distinct races but thanks to thousands of years of interbreeding it has become one species. Yet another theory is that it is an abandoned First Civilization experiment.

However this came about it is known that life arose on both planets about 2.2 billion years ago. The life arose in the small landlocked oceans of both worlds. Like on Earth the life that lived in the oceans moved out onto the land and evolved legs. Over the next billion years the life diversified into flying creatures, xeno mammals, birds etc, similar to what happened on Earth.

It’s a source of speculation on how the first proto-Swarm evolved but both arose on each planet about 230,000 years ago. It spread across their two planets in a matter of millennia, quickly growing in numbers and knowledge. Being a hive mind the Swarm had no concept of individuality and named their home planets Agugararzontograr. It could not distinguish between the two planets, seeing them as the same world.

It discovered the Star Beasts five around the same time that they first appeared on their planets. The Swarm began domesticating them as pets to transport the individual bugs to their other worlds. The Swarm multiplied and moved all over their worlds, increasing in numbers very quickly.

It was first discovered by a Core Worlds Alliance probe two years before the First Galactic War. The Swarm wasn’t sure how to react to this outside discovery until when its worlds were invaded by the CWE in 9152. The CWE planned to use the Swarm as a means of FTL communication as their method of FTL comm was slow. The Swarm attempted to fight back but the CWE forces fought differently each time. The Swarm was used by the CWE to keep in contact with their ships on the front lines for over sixty years until the humans managed to free them in the decisive Battle of Agugararzontograr. The captive Swarm Bugs were taken back to their home.

To thank its saviors the Swarm became an ally of the Confederacy, offering its service to the Confederacy. It performed the same function as they did under the CWE but this time willingly. After the war was over the Confederacy established a base on the fourth planet of the Swarm’s home system in order to study the Star Beasts and become allies of the Swarm.

Now knowing more about the universe, the Swarm struggled to adapt but the concept of individuality was way too foreign to it. Realizing it would take time, the Swarm sent portions of itself to the core worlds of the Confederacy in order to expand itself and its knowledge. This led to the discovery that it could expand all over the galaxy and still be in constant contact.

Because of this, the Swarm expanded and began to “colonize” other worlds near its home. In order to attempt to grasp individuality better, it split the names of its two planets up. The third was named Agugarar and the fourth was named Zontograr.

As of today the Swarm lives on over a dozen worlds thanks to the FTL abilities of the Star Beasts. The number of individual Swarm Bugs numbers in the quadrillions.


Being a hive mind the Swarm culture is one of each bug working for the cause of the One Mind. They can move between their two homeworlds by hitching rides within the bodies of the Star Beasts.

Being secluded for many thousands of years until the First Galactic War the Swarm hadn’t thought about the concept of individuality, not even able to distinguish between its two different planets, until it found itself in the middle of the conflict. Since then the Swarm has been exploring the concept of individuality. It has representatives that stay close to human diplomats.

Some portions of the Swarm have implemented themselves into Confederate society and mostly function as backup communications officers as their communication abilities are instant. 

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