Its a system located in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy, on the Omega Side of the Porta Antiqua Wormhole. It belongs completely to the United Alliance, one of the Lewis Nations, and is the home system of the Embassy World known as Parthia.

The System was colonized in the year 122,234 CE by seven crossing vessels from the U.A, through the Arthmios System on the Epsilon side of the wormhole. The Settlers were made of a crowd of scientists, army officers, expert xenobiologist, engineers, agricultural experts, settlers, military personnel etc... They were the first to settled Parthia. When the Planet became well populated, the colonization of the rest of the System took place.

All Planets have a Scientific research center, with many having also several mining outposts. Resources on the System are not as prevalent as in other system, indicating a previous explotation of the system's resources. Most of this, is probably related to the Dengar, who inhabited the system previously in the past.

The total population of the system is 52 Billion inhabitants. There are 6 planets in the system:

Symmachia System
  • Kodis: Has only 1 Billion citizens. Most of this planet is used for military, transportation through the Wormhole and Scientific study and research. Most live in large domes, either on the surface or above in its atmosphere. Specially built to resist incredibly high temperatures on the outside.
  • Yeret: Has 450 million citizens. Exploited mostly for its resources
  • Togar: Has over 700 million citizens. Its the main manufacturing and chemical producer. Its also used for exploitation of its resources.
  • Zerilis: Has over 2 Billion citizens. Used as shipyard and harbord, to assist traffic between Parthia and Initium. Its citizens live in large habitable domes. Its also used as the main naval repairing and fuel refill center.
  • Kalondra: A Gas Giant, not very warm, being just at 86ºC. It has large exploitation platforms and a military base. Up to 4 Billion beings live in the Planet.
  • Parthia: Its the only habitable planet, with 44 billion inhabitants.
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