TRAPPIST-1 is a very small red dwarf with spectrum of M8 V located 39 light-years from Earth

and was discovered in the year 2000, and on 2017 it was discovered that it had seven plants, which three were in the habitable zone.


In 2016 it was discovered to have 3 planets orbiting it

In 2017 it was revealed to the public that TRAPPIST-1 had seven rocky planets, three inside the habitable zone, in 2033 FOCAL(Fast Outgoing Cyclopean Astronomical Lens) discovered that TRAPPIST-1 d has oceans, and maybe life. It caught the atention of thousands of astrobiologers, and in 2093, TRAPPIST-1 was visited by Kelvin, and it was discovered that TRAPPIST-1 d was a promising world for colonization, but sadly, no life. It flybyed every planet and stayed orbiting TRAPPIST-1 d for three days, it returned to Earth on 2094.

In 2101 the URSS sent three colony ships to colonize TRAPPIST-1 d, e and f. By 2410 all three planets were terraformed.

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