Trappist-1e is one of the three colonized planets orbiting the red dwarf star, TRAPPIST-1.


It was discovered in 2017 by the TRAPPIST telescope and was first visited by humans in 2093 aboard the Kelvin ship.

It was a cold O-class planet, featuring a massive hurricane caused by the tidal locking whereas the nightside is a frozen ice sheet. It was colonized in 2101 and fully terraformed by 2420.

Small Hab colonies where established near the day-night terminator. The first was called Excelsior which soon became a popular city after the planet was terraformed.

Twilight was the second and is located in the day-night terminator. It became a small town after the planet was terraformed.

The third was called Newbridge and became a fishing community after the planet was terraformed.

Various fish from Earth were introduced to the planet's oceans and became the main source of food for the colonists in most of the colonies before proper terraforming was completed.


It has a constant hurricane on the daytime side and an average temperature of -30 °C. However after terraforming, the planet was warmed up to support more comfortable temperatures such as 17 to 20 °C.


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