TRAPPIST-1 f is one of the three colonized planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system. It is also called Calidigus.


It was first discovered in 2017 with the TRAPPIST telescope, it was first visited by humans in 2093, with the Kelvin ship. It was colonized in 2101, and by 2410 was terraformed.

The first colonists that arrived here had a lot of trouble getting used to the cold temperatures and lack of terrain, only a small portion of the planet is populated because of the scarcity of water. People normally visit this planet because of the high cliffs. The planet was barely livable, after the terraforming it got a little more attention, but still it has the worst quality of life in the system.


Calidigus's cliffs.



The genetically engineered red grass

It has a population of 2 million. 11% scientists 94% workers and 5% tourists.


It has a constant hurricane on the bright side, because of it's tidal lock to TRAPPIST-1. And it is a very cold place.

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