The Taan Alliance, officially known as the Taan Alliance of Galvanian Settlements, is a democratic organisation that resides in Galvania and across its local galactic group. It is the remnant of the United Kingdoms of Basaten, being founded in 137943 CE with control over its former colonies. Despite debates in its Parliament to stay confined within Galvania, they voted overwhelmingly to colonise the rest of Galvania and begin a new age of intergalactic exploration.

Just like its predecessor, it acknowledges the existence of the Intergalactic Confederacy and its members, but chose to keep its distance from them. The alliance monitors its galaxies closest to them, keeping a watchout for any supsicious activity. This tension is regarded as a quiet cold war, with no proxy conflicts or arms races taking place.


A capital world is chosen every 5,000 years. Some can be chosen for a second and third time.

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