The current inhabitants of Otehirs.


The Tadian resemble the Pegasus of Earth legend. They have three legs, two in the front and one behind. They have large broad wings that they use to fly and two arms on their sides. Their heads resemble that of an equestrian.

They can live up to 200 years.


Created as a slave labor force for the Hastir, they became an invaluable asset to their snake masters. They helped the Hastir build their massive colonies, their ships, their cities, everything.

This lasted until the rebellion 100000 years after their creation. The Tadian had been forced to breed to serve their masters (some had even used their Tadian slaves as sex toys and had hybrid children from them) and had grown far more numerous than the Hastir. The Hastir had been secretly exposing themselves to gene therapies that would make each new generation smarter, faster and more able to resist their oppressors. Finally they were ready.

Using the Hastir FTL communications systems they broadcast a message to Hastir and Tadian in the tongue of their masters, telling them their doom had come. On each world. Tadian rose up with their tools and attacked the Hastir. The Hastir fought back as best they could, which resulted in mutual annihilation as the Tadian and/or Hastir launched nuclear weapons at each other, wiping each other out.

This scene was replayed all over Hastir populated space except on the homeworld of Otehirs. When the Tadian rose up the Hastir on the homeworld didn’t put up much of a fight. Only about an eighth of the Tadian slaves were lost. After the extinction of the Hastir the Tadian tore down the large advanced cities in a fit of rage and left them to be reclaimed by nature.

As the centuries passed and the now wild and primitive Tadian passed on the history of their people it began to get distorted so that they began to regard the Hastir as godlike beings who had once lived among them but had abandoned their once great cities to rule amongst the stars. The Tadian believe that one day they too will reach the stars and rule with the Hastir.


The Tadian culture is one based off of equality and freedom thanks in part to their past and their power of flight. They could be considered one of the few perfect communist cultures seen. They work for the good of their species. They do this to honor their gods, the Hastir.

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