The Tadpole Galaxy, also known as UGC 10214,  Arp 188, and PGC 57129, is a disrupted barred spiral galaxy. It is the result of the collision between two galaxies. Located 407.7 million light-years from Earth. Its most distinctive feature is a trail of stars about 280,000 light-years long.

Aside from its unique shape, the Tadpole Galaxy became a historical footnote as the first galaxy to be reached by the second generation wormhole generators. Many Confederacy ships passed through the wormhole only to find a galaxy with hardly any intelligent life in it, the highest technologically advanced species being something akin to medieval technology. There were ruins of a few ancient civilizations but it is theorized that when the collision occurred, all these civilizations slowly fell.

Colonization and terraforming of many of the empty worlds in the galaxy began in earnest as the Confederacy had already staked its claim.

The colonization and claim of the galaxy by humanity was also the spark that ignited the First Intergalactic War a thousand years later.

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