Taitheia is a warm Me-Class world according to the SCART update and homeworld to the species of the same name. It's also the capital planet of the Socialist Planets of Taitheia.


Located near the galactic core of the Andromeda Galaxy, Taitheia formed 6.6 billion years ago from the interplanetary dust of its parent stars. Due to the nature of the dual star system, the planet was heavily bombarded in its early history, more so than Earth. About 2.4 billion years ago, Taitheia captured a smaller planetoid which soon became its moon.

Life first appeared on Taitheia one billion years ago in the planet's oceans. It wasn't until 721 million years ago that plant life formed. According to researcher Xin Dryder, all plant life seemed to originate from a sea plant that evolved some form of sporelike apparatus that managed to plant seeds on land.[1]

Those seeds became the basis for all life on the planet. The seeds sprouted into the first proto-trees that formed the basis of the symbiotic relationship between the Taitheia species and the planet itself.[2]

The planet went through its share of geological and astronomical extinction level events. Due to the nature of its location the planet is geologically more active than Earth, meaning it's atmosphere is more full of dust and ash than Earth.

Taitheia (2)

Taitheian desert from the surface.

Around the year 100000 CE, the proto-Taitheia formed from gas balloon-like floating plants that had evolved into a symbiotic relationship with the forest that covered a lot of the planet's surface.[3] They were discovered by humans in the year 121080 CE. By this time they had a global civilization about the same level as medieval Europe.

Humans first began a colony in floating domed ocean cities a hundred years after first contact.

Local Life

Taitheia (3)

Map of Taitheia.

The planet has no animal life, as all life is plant based and draws all energy from the two suns and the local soil. One of the unique facets of Taitheian life is the incredible symbiosis between the plants and the intelligent Taitheia. The Taitheia spend their four day night cycle attached to the tops of the trees, soaking in nutrients that they need and giving the trees nutrients that they gathered.[2]


Taitheian culture is pretty uniform. The concept of nation-state was foreign to them until first contact with humans. The humans who came and introduced the concept nearly caused first contact to go awry, however a historic speech by Unsrea Far, human ambassador to the Taitheia, managed to smooth things over.[4]


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