Taitheia are the dominant species of the planet of the same name.

Physical Appearance

Taitheia resemble large green gas bags with tentacles coming out of the bottom which are used as manipulators and food receptors. On the top of their heads are something akin to biological solar panels which they use daily to feed the Taitheia. They "see" through a complex system of sonar mixed with infrared sensor stalks on top of their heads.


The Taitheia don't have any major records or history they have saved before first contact. When Humans first contacted them, they had just reached a level of technology akin to medieval Europe. After the nearly disastrous first contact, the Taitheia allowed humans to build floating cities on their oceans before allowing a large city to be built on one of the major continents. The Taitheia were helped into space by their human counterparts. It was discovered that whenever the Taitheia traveled with Star Beasts, they seemed to flourish a lot better than on standard starships. Being natural peaceful folk, their first foray into space was fraught with danger, but thanks to their human allies they managed to create a galactic civilization in a few hundred years.

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