"What went wrong in our democracy? Wealth Inequality has become so bad that the super-rich are calling themselves 'nobility.' They lord over the rest of us and run-over politicians whenever they feel like it. I'm not even talking just about the Takanashis, there are dozens of noble houses that use their wealth as an excuse to act like they better than everyone else. Reiji IV almost won the last election too. You think we can ever get the nobles out of power if so many support them? Unbelievable." -(Translated) Liberal Talk Show Host Sawem LØW, 199999 CE

The Takanashi Family is an extremely wealthy family of humans. The group, while not officially recognized as nobility, behave and interact with other organizations as though they were. They control over 590 octillion C-Units worth of assets as well as the mega-corporation Takanashi Antimatter. They have significant stake in several dozen other large corporations as well. The organization was set up to maintain the high standing of the family, as well as control the large amount of money they have at their disposal. The headquarters is the planet Itsuki in the Takanashi Star Cluster.

The Takanashi Family is one of several wealthy families within the local universe. In the past, it has split into several pieces. Notable pieces include the Sakagami House and the Noumi Family. The organization mostly operates within the Confederacy of Borealis, but also has significant assets in various nearby nations such as the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

The Takanashis were once far more prominent within the politics of the CoB during a period called the Confederate Oligarchy. This time period saw extreme wealth-inequality, concentration of power within the ultra-wealthy, and a somewhat anthropocentric (human-centric) society within the Confederacy. Even today, after operating in far more galaxies and having far more money (adjusted for inflation), they have less power than they did at that time. New laws serve to limit the power of the ultra-wealthy and make it harder for monopolies to exist.

The Organization

The Family has a strict code of conduct, one that must be followed by all members. Currently, there are 172,189 people in the family, with well over 980,000 individuals given associate status.

The Head

The head of the family can be likened to a king. The position is hereditary, and will follow the typical pattern for inheritance that all crowns do. The head can be removed by a popular vote of all members at any time and for any reason. The most commonly cited reason is incompetence, but heads have also been removed by close margins for political reasons.

The head is not allowed to disclose their location. The last time the location of the head was public knowledge, they were assassinated by a spy from the


Members of the Family are simply royalty. Over half of the members have some sort of governmental position, while most of the other half run the various companies owned by the Family. Those that are currently not doing anything useful, are either married off to another powerful family, or some strings are pulled to get them into a powerful position. When the organization was founded, the more distant relatives were required to change their surname to Takanashi.

New Members

When a new member of the family is born, they are typically genetically modified to be more intelligent, physically attractive, and charismatic (which in some ways is genetic).

In order to keep the name passed on, not many individuals married into the family. Usually, marriages are forced between distant relatives within the family (nothing more closely related than third cousins). This coupled with the genetic modification, to weed out any mutations, has allowed the family to remain starkly Japanese, while most non-genetically modified humans are evenly mixed with no racial differentiation to speak of.


When the new member reaches 18, they are "encouraged" to sign a contract. This contract forces them to comply with the organization. If they refuse, they are exiled from the Family, and their name is removed from the will.

Associate Members

An associate member is not related to the family, but still gets some level of power or influence. Either through marriage or being given the status. Associate members also must sign a contract, albeit a less restrictive one. If the admission is through marriage several requirements have to be met. They either have to be a sextillionaire or literal royalty to be considered.

For being given the status, one must be powerful. Many associate members are the board members on some of the Companies owned by the family. While others are high ranking employees in the many companies owned by the Family.

Code of Conduct

Like all nobles, the Family has many restrictions and behavioral policies put onto the members. A very bizarre requirement is to learn the language of Itsuki Takanashi, a human language called Japanese. This is not a problem for the remarkably intelligent Takanashis, but is very pointless nonetheless. Another requirement is the naming conventions. All of the names must also be Japanese.

Other strange practices involve monogamy (the practice of only having sexual relations with only one person for an extended periods of time, also called marriage), the marrying of daughters off to monarchs (often times against their will), and the preference for males to have positions of power. Strangely enough, every other noble family will also practice these very same bizarre rules.

Beyond this very ancient code of conduct, there are the typical rules that politicians follow. Speaking formally at all times, delivering regular press conferences, and often times giving speeches in public places. Just like politicians, the Family acts very elitist, often time entirely disregarding what "commoners" or "peasants" have to say or think.

Modern Operations

While mostly only operating in the Laniakea and Pavo-Indus Superlusters, they also operate in the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster and the Shapely Supercluster.

Regardless of many laws preventing private companies from owning war ships, The Family control the 27th largest fleet in the entirety of the Laniakea Supercluster. If need be, they could feasibly force several generals to hand over millions of battleships.

To truly grasp just how ludicrously influential and powerful this organization is, one could take the example of a meeting between Zerik-Laust-Jerd Fraust (former President of the CoB) and Kyousuke Takanashi IX. This meeting was meant to be a physical meeting, which surprised everyone involved. Fraust showed up early to the designated meeting place, and as per protocol, left their own security forces outside. They waited in the lobby for thirty minutes before they were finally allowed to see Kyousuke. Fraust was infamous for being a push-over, but regardless, this is one of the few organizations that could disrespect the President of the CoB like this.

Marital Alliances

The Family has been marrying off daughters (and on a few occasions, sons) since they were founded. The purpose was to create alliances with other nations and families, as well as gain influence. Normally, through the extensive genetic modification mentioned earlier, the daughters are quite enticing. Not only physically, but the marriage assures a higher political standing to almost any politician that marries one.

Many associate members (especially those brought in by marriage) do not sign a contract. Notable associate members that did not sign a contract include:

  • Lapido Selassie (Minister of Colonization in the Intergalactic Council).
    • Married to Kaguya Takanashi II
  • Samuel Zhao (Octillionaire on the Board of Tunda Inc.)
    • Married to Taiga Takanashi IV
  • Zayo Verres (Second prince of the NTIH)
    • Married to Oyami Takanashi



The organization first came to be in 9901 in response to Riki Takanashi rejecting the position as CEO in Takanashi Antimatter when his mother died. At the time, the family had already began to act like aristocrats. It was an unwritten code of conduct that the CEO would be the so or daughter of the current one.

The remaining board members wanted to use this opportunity to wrestle the power of the company away from the Takanashis and give it to others. The several aliens on the board even wanted to take the company away from human control. The board conspired to kill both the majority share holder Senku Takanashi and another close ally of his, Yukari Sakagami.

The two discovered the plot and had to flee the galaxy. Takanashi fled in one direction and Sakagami went in another. They both took their families with them, and began doing everything they could to survive.


Senku Takanashi I, founder and first head of the Takanashi Family

Senku I purchased a battleship to attack shipments of the corporation, now called Standard Antimatter. The family began pirating various shipments (from many sources) to gain capital. They began to purchase more and more ships, becoming a fairly large fleet. They began raiding other pirates or criminal groups to maintain their good standing with the government. Their whole goal was to ruin the value of Standard Antimatter's stock, and get them to sell it back. Hundreds of ships were simply destroyed, forcing the company to carry out the expensive clean-up procedures.

Yukari ended up using all of her remaining funds to purchase a isolated planet in intergalactic space called Haidu. They began terraforming the planet and began producing their own antimatter. They had to undercut Standard antimatter, so they began losing money on supplying antimatter just to spite the company. They began supplying to Senku's fleets as well.

Standard Antimatter went bankrupt on July 31, 10467. Senku, having enough money to buy them back, went and bought the majority of the company, he had the rest of the shareholders killed. He bribed a few key officials to get away with this. The family now had complete control over company. As a reward for their cooperation, the Sakagamis were inducted into the family, and were given full member status (even though their names had to be changed).

Finally, when normalcy returned, Riki Takanashi was stripped of all power he had, Senku I even went as far as forcing him to change his last name to Tachibana (a random name picked on a whim). The now ruined Riki Tachibana would go on to form The State of Tenshi.

Senku Takanashi I decided that this was his chance to seize power. He established an LLC and had Takanashi antimatter sold to it in 10468. He decided to make himself the head of the family, thus starting the Takanashi Family as it is today.


The Family gradually started to behave as though it were nobility. They had slowly began self-isolating, refusing to allow their members to procreate with outsiders. They started to interact with outsiders less and less as well, having others do it for them.

Their wealth brought larges amount of admiration as well. Some became celebrities of sorts, which basically became free advertising for the company. Many also admired Senku I's tactics in reclaiming the corporation, only increasing the good name of the family.


By 76000, the organization started to leave the and began expanding into other states. Similarly using their wealth to buy influence. The organization had influence in nearly all of the CoB in 89332 CE, with the family becoming a household name for septillions.

At this point, most viewed the family as nobility. They were simply at another level of influence and power compared to the average politician.

In 100000, the family had began to sell to other nations. Entities like the Commonwealth, The Hegemony, and the Lewis Nations. were sold huge amounts of antimatter and other products at a cheap price. Since most aliens were still getting used to the concept of capitalism, it was easy for the Takanashi Family to buy up all of the small companies. This allowed for easy expansion into other nations.

War of the Ancients

During the War, Takanashi antimatter had all regulations revoked, so that it could produce antimatter more efficiently, and even force entire planets to become antimatter factories. They secretly built hundreds of Strange Matter factories as well. They salvaged thousands of ships and used them to defend its factories, effectively making them into a sizable navy.

When the War of the Ancients occured, high ranking members were immediately evacuated. However, this didn't stop The Alliance from killing Mei Takanashi XIV, the head, in 187904. She had no heirs, so her death had brought about something known as the Heir Divide and the eventual rise of the Sakagami House.

The Heir Divide

When Mei Takanashi died, the Family was very divided about how to pass on the title of head. Some wanted Ayumi Takanashi III to take power, others wanted Chika Takanashi I to be the head, and still others wanted a myriad of other possible candidates.

Eventually, the Family became almost evenly split between Ayumi III and Chika I. With the War of the Ancients raging in the background, the divide had begun. At first, it started as arguing. However, this arguing gave way to personal attacks, culminating in the murder of a supporter of Ayumi III.

The acting head, Reiji Takanashi, decided to expel those that supported Chika I to preserve the family integrity. Those that were expelled were, quite expectedly, outraged. This lead to a brief set of skirmishes lasting a decade before they forcibly took a bit more than two thirds of the Takanashi's resources, and set out to create their own organization.


The Family used the assets it gained during the war to quadruple its revenue within ten years, however, now that they had the competition of the Sakagamis, they struggled to maintain there once perfect standing. The economic boom experienced after the war also greatly contributed. In 190233, the organization was recognized as official nobility, rather than just wealthy individuals (even though they were perceived as such already).

Modern Day

As time passed on, The Family began to gain more influence in the CoB, but still mainly operated in the Local Group.

Head List

This is a list of the Head of the family from its founding to the present (The dramatically increased life spans make the list much shorter than it would be usually. Most retired well before their deaths).

Head Starting Year Ending Year Time
Senku Takanashi I 9901 10001 100
Rin Takanashi 10001 10705 704
Senku Takanashi II 10705 11188 483
Nagisa Takanashi IV 11188 11189 1
Sanae Takanashi 11189 11278 89
Natsuki Takanashi 11278 11934 656
Mei Takanashi I 11934 12942 1008
Ayumi Takanashi 12942 14005 1063
Nao Takanashi I 14005 16557 2552
Haruka Takanashi 16557 19999 3442
Sakura Takanashi VIII 19999 22047 2048
Yu Takanashi XIX 22047 25000 2953
Yuuta Takanashi VI 25001 28777 3776
Haruhi Takanashi X 28777 31109 2332
Mio Takanashi 31109 35821 4712
Ryuji Takanashi 35822 40056 4234
Saya Takanashi VII 40056 45444 5388
Onna Takanashi 45444 50109 4665
Senku Takanashi III 50110 57888 7778
Makoto Takanashi 57888 65331 7443
Mio Takanashi II 65331 71405 6074
Yuki Takanashi IV 71405 80049 8644
Kouko Takanashi 80050 85094 5044
Banri Takanashi 85094 90469 5375
Mio Takanashi III 90469 100455 9986
Mikuru Takanashi VII 100455 110109 9654
Ayano Takanashi XXXII 110109 119922 9813
Saya Takanashi IX 119922 120543 621
Tsukasa Takanashi XIII 120543 129321 8778
Rio Takanashi XIV 129322 130005 683
Nayuki Takanashi IV 130005 138469 8464
Misuzu Takanashi II 138469 144652 6183
Kyou Takanashi XXXXIV 144652 147771 3119
Aira Takanashi XXI 147771 150732 2961
Tsukasa Takanashi III 150732 166631 15899
Kyousuke Takanashi IX 166631 174987 8266
Yuki Takanashi XIX 174987 179921 4934
Ushio Takanashi IV 179921 187654 7733
Mei Takanashi XIV 187655 187904 249
Reiji Takanashi 187904 187915 11
Ayumi Takanashi III 187915 190674 2760
Risa Takanashi II 190674 195966 5292
Rie Takanashi XIV 195966 198011 2045
Kazuma Takanashi II 198011 Present 1989
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