The Takke Fish is a native fish from the Oceans of Thetis. Its one of the most abundant species of fish-like creatures in the planet and they make the diet of numerous native species of this world. It is as well, one of the main sources of food for the local population.

Takke Fishes can be raised in fish farms, in which they are fed and raised for human consumption. The species has been exported to many world for food production in its oceans, including worlds outside the Empire, like Thalassa in the Intergalactic Federation.

This species is one of the main dishes of Thetis, and it can be prepared in a thousand different manners. The Thetis style of cooking the fish is considered as the "proper original way", but different cooking styles have emerged in other planets.

The Fish lives in huge packs of millions of individuals, and usually feed themselves out of placton and small algae. Sometimes even they eat small creatures as well. They are eaten by several apex predators of Thetis, like the Teyak for example.

They can lay as many as 100 000 eggs per female, with a rate of survival to the egg phase of just 34%. Most who hatch also dont survive their early stages and achieve reproduction.

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