The Talora System is a triple star system located in the Mid Arm of the Ambrosia Galaxy. It served as the capital system of the True Alliance of Man.


  • Evidenter (Hot S-Class)
  • Sitamet (Hot S-Class)
  • Hyacinthum (Warm D-Class)
  • Dralora (Cool E-Class with life)
  • Scintilliam (Frozen I-Class)
  • Durum (Frozen J-Class)
  • Lentoara (Frozen I-Class)

Major Moons

  • Yckar (Warm S-Class)
  • Quatuor (Frozen I-Class)
  • Intueri (Hot S-Class)
  • Etquis (Cold S-Class)
  • Nonvrid (Frozen S-Class)
  • Videre (Frozen I-Class)
  • Clara (Frozen I-Class)
  • Tmere (Frozen I-Class)
  • Vellem (Frozen I-Class)
  • Esse (Frozen I-Class)
  • Totafacie (Frozen I-Class)
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