The Tarcav are a humanoid species and inhabitants of Angriel.

Physical description

As a humanoid species, they look quite similar to humans. They have two arms, two legs, four eyes and communicate through a mouth. Reaching an average height of 2.1 meters, they are remarkably bigger than humans. They breath oxygen, but can breathe pure nitrogen for a short period of time. They eat whatever they can get, no matter if it is flesh or plants. Their lifespan varies between 80 and 110 years.


The Tarcav are a very religious, yet aggressive species. They believe that they are the most advanced civilization in the universe and were chosen by their gods to find and eliminate or enslave all non-believers. A prime example for such a progress is the Angriel-Bakari war in which the civilization of Angriel's biggest moon Bakari, the Losuuai, were attacked and almost went extinct. Today the Losuuai are slaves of the Tarcav, mining uranium and other elements which the Tarcav need on Bakari.

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