Tarsiss Prime (nicknamed Hiveworld) is a D-Class planet orbiting HIP 24332, 84 lightyears from Earth. The planet was discovered in 2079 and was visited in 2083 by the Falcon space probe,


It is the fifth planet from its star and is orbited by 18 moons, two of which are desert worlds, the rest being asteroids. Vast expanses of purple flora make up a lot of its surface alongside some greener areas.

The Entity

Long ago, Tarsiss Prime was almost lifeless due to a disaster that happened there, save for a few surviving ecosystems that would soon die out. However, an intelligent civilization planted a strange organic hivemind intelligence on the surface. It was a biological computer. When studied from orbit by Human scientists, it was discovered that its most likely function was to restore the planet's ecosystems by absorbing genetic material from various flora and fauna, replicating them and growing them elsewhere on the planet. Its creators eventually left as the entity continued to spread across the planet and restore it to its former glory.

First photo of Tarsiss Prime, taken by the Falcon FTL probe.

Over time, the Entity's creators forgot about it and it gained more intelligence and even assimilated a small native, semi-sentient insectoid species. It has remained on Tarsiss Prime ever since and has long roots that stretch across the planet.

The Entity appears to be hostile to off-worlders as it shot down a probe that attempted to land on the planet. It also attacked Humans who tried to make contact with it by using a swarm of the humanoid insectoids and even attempted to assimilate the Human visitors. Some of the Human explorers weren't lucky as the entity strangled them by using vine like plants. It even attempted to shoot down a Delvan exploration craft. Because of this, Tarsiss Prime has been left alone in order to leave the Entity in peace.


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