The Tashka Empire was a short-lived empire in the Makota Galaxy. It was a brutal dictatorship lead by the same family for over a thousand years. It is well-known among the inhabitants of Krolena as the Empire once tried to invade Krolena, with catastrophic results. During the war, the Empire was left almost bankrupt and faced extinction. It soon collapsed after a long and bloody civil war that took place during the Fight for Krolena, which lead to a massive influx of refugees in Krolena. The Makota Galaxy has, rather strangely, been left untouched for millenia. A few ships explored the small galaxy just over two thousand years after the fall of the Tashka Empire but it has not been colonised since. Many people still believe some threat to the Trifecta lurks in the outer edges of the galaxy, though this is labelled as merely superstition. Several anomalies have been recorded over the millenia though, and the idea that the Empire is about to emerge from the shadows is being being given serious thought among the Trifecta leaders.


The Empire (in its current state) formed in 9,023 CE after a decade of political instability in the Makota Galaxy. This instability followed the collapse of the Tashka Federation and the splitting of Makota, with the Independent Systems Alliance taking the north of the galaxy, the Empire in the east and the Yokla Commonwealth in the southwest.

Early Makota

A map of the Makota Galaxy pre-9,023 CE

Experts believe that the Tashka Empire's annexation of the Yokla was down to pure luck. It is thought the Yokla had focused their military power on taking systems they fought the Independent Systems for, leaving their eastern borders undefended. This move would prove fatal to the Commonwealth in 9,011 CE, which was when the Tashka began to invade the Commonwealth. The capital of the Yokla Commonwealth, Keira, was invaded in 9,020 CE with catastrophic results for the Yokla. Morale among the Commonwealth soldiers nose-dived as a result of this.

After the annexation of the Yokla was complete, it seems the Tashka were able to swiftly destroy the Independent Systems Alliance in a matter of around 18 standard months, or the ISA survived the Empire's invasion. Due to the fact that little-to-no exploration has been conducted in the Makota Galaxy, it is entirely possible that the ISA still exists in the furthest reaches of Makota, albeit much smaller than their previous state.

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