Tatooine (designated RS 3854-2-4-2790-63 3 in, named by Humans after the fictional planet of the same name, is a warm D-Class circumbinary planet located in the Leo 1 Dwarf Galaxy, around 820,000 light-years away. First noted in 7650 BCE, Tatooine was a marvel to the beings of the neighboring planet Kiadine, as it was thought to be a third "mini-sun." The Kiadini made this desert world as their prime target for interplanetary travels. In 2316 BCE, Tatooine became their first colony planet and remained a significant outpost until 828 CE.

By 10075 CE, Tatooine has been used as a secondary mining planet for the few billion Kiadini still living in the system. It is also home to many interplanetary resorts and rest stops in for both space missions and commercial use. The Kiadini still respect the planet's fragile environment, and do their best to keep the world in a near-perfect condition while still using it.

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