Taygeta 3 (also known as Pleides Prime or the Blue Gem) is the third out of 8 planets orbiting the blue subgiant star Taygeta in the Pleiades cluster. It is classified as a warm terra and is orbited by 17 moons.


It was discovered in 2241 by the Midnight Observatory on the 2nd planet of the 111 Tauri system. An unmanned probe was launched to study the planet and arrived in 2249. While no life was detected, it was chosen to be Humanity's first colony world in the Pleiades. Construction of cities and surface transportation networks began in 2263 and was finished in 2352 which is when Human colonists arrived and began to live in its cities.

The planet is the home of two large domed cities, named the Twin Domes, both of which, are connected via long distance transportation networks consisting of fast train-like vehicles. A few smaller cities were constructed on other parts of the planet, Libery being one the most famous ones, increasing its population from 20 million to 60 million. All of the cities have a controlled temperature of 17 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Terraforming stations have been set up around the planet to cool down the atmosphere and make it suitable for Humans to breathe.


Taygeta 3 has 1.717g and an axial-tilt of 48 degrees. It has an 11-hour long rotation and takes 21 years to orbit Taygeta. The planet has relatively calm weather aside from a few hurricanes, tornadoes and dust storms. The average temperature on this planet is 80 degrees celsius.

Much of surface is largely given to deserts, mountains and small oceans.


17 moons orbit around Taygeta 3, seven of which, are selenas similar to Earth`s moon with the rest being asteroids, likely captured by the planet`s gravity. A communications outpost has been built on its nearest selena.


The closest selena of Taygeta 3.


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