The Teforgs are a race native to the planet of Celkir in the Fymsli System.


The Teforgs’ body structure and posture is similar to humans; two legs, two arms, a head, but also with a tail. They have two, catlike ears along with two “horns” made from cartilage that serve no other purpose then to be cool looking. They are covered in a thin fur, ranging in color from brown, black, gray, white, and silver. Their tail is ~0.4 meters long and is forked at the end. They have two, slender golden eyes and a small mouth on their face, with a tiny nose. Basically, humanoid-catlike people, but cooler.


The Teforgs used to be a very peaceful race, inhabiting the great massive cities of Celkir. They were a very friendly race, easy to get along with and didn’t have many wars or conflicts. Their government structure was democratic, similar to that of the United States, having a congress which decides all the laws. They weren’t really into technological advancements, but were heavily interested in the arts. Painting. Music. Dance. They had it all. They were so into their art and culture. They didn’t really have any religion, but believed in ancient spirits that were both good and evil. But you’re probably wondering why i keep saying “were” and “was.” Everything great has to fall eventually, and the Teforgs were next on the list. All that remains of their culture is pretty much gone.


The Teforgs evolved like humans did, and lived in simple tribes in the beginning. Their technology gradually improved, but their artistic culture stayed mostly the same. They then eventually discovered fossil fuels… and everything went downhill from them. The Teforgs didn’t do much research in how fossil fuels really work, other than the fact that they burn. They kept on burning them for power, and the carbon emissions grew and grew. Ice caps melted. Droughts became more often. Extreme weather was around the world. They had no idea what was really going on, but believed the spirits were upset about something. And now 99.9972% of the population was wiped out after the series of unfortunate events.

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