General Info

Tempest is a warm D-Class planet, and the first planet in the Rubrum System, and has only 1 asteroid moon. It has a diameter of 3505 km, making it around a fourth the size of Earth, or slightly smaller than Mars. It is tidally locked, and has a massive storm on the side that faces Rubrum. It's atmosphere is twice as thick as the Earth's, with a surface pressure of 2.09 atm, and is composed mainly of CO2 with some SO2, making it similar to Venus's atmosphere, with a temperature of 82.9 degrees Celsius.


The surface of Tempest is an uncomfortable desert, with a massive and powerful storm on the side that faces Rubrum. However, the night side is very peaceful, with comfortable temperatures. It has a strong magnetic field, which gives it a nice aurora near the poles. There are hills, mountains, and dunes of sand that are very hard to pass though on the surface.

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