Tempestes, named after the name of a goddess of storms in an old earth nation, is known for the massive super-hurricane on its surface. it was found in a joint Xa'Thin and Human project, in order to survey habitable worlds in the unexplored depths of the universe. it is well known by colonies that the super-hurricane is unusually non-dangerous. this anomaly has yet to be explained. however, multiple species of bacteria, plants, fungi and even life-forms that cannot be put into such groups can be found there. the fact that 90% of the planet's population lives in the hurricane suggests that it has been around for a very long time, and that if it were to stop it would lead to a huge Mass-extinction! nevertheless, scientists are unwilling to study the creatures to find ways to save them, as they are curious if they have anything do do with the unusually calm storm. however, they have been observed. here is what scientists have discovered so far:

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probes and science ships have gathered pictures of the planet. they will be shown here:

20190721212629 1

the giant storm on the planet's surface

20190721212731 1

a picture of a volcano on the planet. you might see a small dot in the sky, which is one of the planet's three asteroid moons

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