Templaria is a nation in the Andromeda I galaxy. It occupies virtually the entire galaxy, with almost every star having settlements around it.


The nation was founded in 125207 by the Templars which fled the Os Templários gang. The nation was founded on the planet New Templaria.

The Templars began to construct massive factory worlds to build more of themselves, as well as a fleet to protect themselves. The first factory world was constructed in 125598.

By 130000, there were thousands of factory worlds and sextillions of Templars. They had a fleet of quintillions of flagships and sextillions of drones. They continued to expand until they occupied every planet in the galaxy. They were able to do this because each Templar saw that what they were doing was for the common good. They were not constrained by money to build these massive amounts of ships.

The Confederacy of humanity saw their power and decided to place harsh sanctions and to permanently block all wormholes leading out of the galaxy. They did this because the Templars could have become a real threat later on.

The Templars continued becoming more powerful until The War for All.

The War for All

By the time the war happened, Templaria was a mid type three civilization, efficiently controlling the resources of the entire galaxy. This was the first conflict that the nation was ever involved in. The Confederacy of Humanity was desperate for help against The Seekers, so they allowed The Templars to fight with them.

The Templars turned out to be invaluable to the war effort, with Quintillions of them mobilizing and fighting the Seekites. Templaria was hit horribly by the war, nearly beyond repair. Most of the factory worlds were destroyed with harsh methods, and a vast majority of Templars were killed.

Templaria had to pull out of the war not only because the population fell to under three million, but also because their ship numbers dwindled drastically.

Throughout the duration of the war, the government-funded guerrilla groups of Templars still fighting the war.

The Seekers still continued to destroy worlds in Templaria, by the end of the war approximately two hundred Templars remained in the galaxy.

After the War

The war was a disaster for Templaria. After the war, the population fell to 2.5 million. Their status as type III fell to early type II, as New Templaria and only a dozen other worlds were actually inhabited. It was a miracle that they were able to survive the war.

Templaria sacrificed so much for the war. In the end, their war strength for smaller wars was very reliable and useful. The Confederacy recognized this and removed nearly all the sanctions placed on them and even helped them rebuild. However, this was an unpopular move, and many were opposed to helping them at all. As a result, most companies won't do business with Templaria.

Today, Templaria is still rebuilding from the war. They almost regained control of the entire galaxy, but are not at their best. Within the next one hundred years, they will regain type III status, and within 500 they will have fully recovered.


Templaria is a democratic republic. There is no head of state, but a council consisting of 1101 members. One from each major system, and then an extra one for every trillion templars living outside of major systems. Sometimes an extra council member is added to break ties in the council.

Each planet has a local government similar to a municipality. The local governments do not have much power, but they do have elections and planet heads called "Planetary leaders."



Every Templar is able to be mobilized in the event of a war. Some are exempt from mobilization so that they can oversee the factories.


Templaria controls 7 sextillion vessels, most of which (99.8%) are autonomous drone starfighters. The rest are large capital ships.


The economy of Templaria is very small, due to most businesses refusing to trade with them. This caused Templaria to abandon money entirely and solely use a barter and trade system. Some C-units are circulating, but they are all physical. The only major deal they have with a corporation is one with Fujibayashi Antimatter. The deal is that Templaria trades drones and raws materials for antimatter.


99.9% of the inhabitants of Templaria is a Templar. The rest are exiled androids that have been exiled to the Andromeda I galaxy.

45% of Templars have the "female" model.

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