The Templarian Strafighters are an elite corp of starfighters controlled by the nation of Templaria.


The corp was founded with the nation of Templaria in 125207. These starfighters were mostly used as security for planets and were not used often outside of that, even so, Templaria produced sextillions of them, almost one for each Templar.

The War for All

The corp was used mostly in The War for All as Templaria's main force. They fought throughout the entirety of the war and were the only reason why Templaria wasn't completely destroyed. By the ne dof the war there were about 200 Templarian starfighters left in Templaria.


Templarian starfighters are not very different from a standard starfighter used by the CoB, they even use the same model. However, Templarian Starfighters are redesigned to interface directly with a Templar. This allows for a greater degree of control and for more precision movements. These ships are also designed with the cumulative experience of every Templarian starfighter pilot that ever existed, which means that any new Templar which flies a Templarian starfighter will automatically be the best pilot in the corp.

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