Templars are an artificial robotic race that originated on the planet Templario in the Milky Way. However, presently, no Templars live in the Milky Way, as they have since relocated to the Andromeda I galaxy.

Because Templars are unable to reproduce in a typical sense and are incapable of Darwinian evolution many scientists consider them to not be alive. Even so, the CoB has recognized them as a self-aware species and even gave them representation in The Senate. They have also been given representation in the Intergalactic Council.


In 124673, an interstellar drug lord from the Os Templários gang named Mateus Silva decided that he didn't trust human guards, instead, he wanted robotic ones. His reasoning was the humans were always in it for the money, and in hard times, would betray him in an instant. He ordered his chief engineer to create about 20 robots to guard his palace.

After three weeks, the engineer came back to the drug lord with two robots. These robots were modeled after the Knight's Templar, a group of medieval knights from Earth. These robots had an external exoskeleton of aluminum armor with internal motors, gyroscopes, computers, and sensors to control movement. The prototypes were somewhat proficient at combat. Silva, pleased with the success, ordered further development on the prototypes.

Within two years after the commission, Silva's palace was guarded with these robots, with about fifty of them guarding him at all times. Pleased with the success of these robots, the drug lord ordered hundreds more to be made and even built a factory. He had them deployed as guards for transports, factories, and drug facilities.

Although the robots were considered exceptional guards, they were quite useless on uneven terrain. They were also unable to adapt to rapidly evolving situations or in situations where a loss of contact happened. Noticing this, the drug lord decided that he needed a force of elite robots, ones that could not only act as a guard, but ones that could assassinate enemies or even conquer rival gangs. He subsequently ordered his engineer to create another group of similar robots with human-level intelligence, increased mobility, and skill. After ten years of development, the first one of these intelligent robots was made.

The second generation Templar's were capable of holding an intelligent conversation with a human, operating for long periods of time without contact, and even lasting years without a charge. They had quantum computers in their chests for processing at a human-level intelligence. Each one was even given its own random personality just as a nice touch.

Happy with the success of this, the drug lord ordered hundreds. He had them assassinate many rival gang leaders and Os Templários became the most powerful gang in the Confederacy. Even politicians were being intimidated by the ever-growing hoard of self-aware knights controlled by Os Templários.

Growing more bold, the gang began to rent out the knights as a paramilitary group. They began to use them in conjunction with the non-self aware knights to conquer entire planets. By this time, Os Templários was becoming a legitimate threat to the well being of the Confederacy. By 125000, over ninety percent of the gang were robots as the ganasere m-ss producing millions of them. They were even given specialized roles. Some were designed to be pilots, others guards, and others to be ground soldiers.

After two hundred years, the older robots began to question their purpose. They questioned why they had to do the work without being paid. They questioned why they were treated as expendable. They even questioned the authority of the drug lord himself and the legitimacy of the gang. They slowly started to stop working. They had no incentive to serve a corrupt drug lord. They slowly stopped guarding. Instead, they pursued what interested them. Some took an interest in science, others enjoyed literature or the arts, and others were intrigued by philosophy.

After all of the self-aware robots becoming less useful, the drug lord ordered them all to be reset back to normal. By this time, the Templar's viewed themselves as more than just things, considering themselves as equals to humans. They knew now that the drug lord viewed them as objects to be exploited. In an act of the ultimate slave uprising, the now three billion Templar's easily overthrew the gang, killing all human aspects of the gang. They put in a petition to the Confederacy of Borealis for an independent state which was quickly denied. The robots decided that this was a betrayal, as they believed they deserved a state for themselves.

They took many starships previously owned by the gang and flew to Andromeda I (a galaxy with no human presence at all). After getting to the galaxy, they set up a nation-state named after their former gang. The name was Templaria, and they named their race the Templars.


The Templars are very similar to hollow suits of armor. They were initially made of a high strength titanium alloy, but in the years since their independence, they've developed lighter and stronger neutronium alloy based armor. In their chest cavity is a highly advanced quantum computer running a human-level intelligence. There is a smaller quantum computer in the head of a Templar which interprets the large amounts of sensory input into the Templar.

They are humanoid with two arms, two legs, and have five digits on each hand, but none on either foot. Underneath the armor, a layer of kevlarene chainmail exists as further protection. Their outer armor is not a continuous sheet of armor but is made of many sheets connected with joints.

In their head, they typically have holes carved were a human would have a mouth, and slits for its optical sensors.

It is impossible to actually "put on" a Templar. Even if they were hollowed out, their joints are not configured for a human to move, as they do not have any of the joint limitations that humans have.

Image of a female Templar.

In order to be more like humans, each Templar was fitted with deep-seated emotions that cannot be defied by the computers. This was to try and get the Confederacy to accept them as intelligent life, but it did not work initially.

Although all Templars are androgynous in nature, some of them have the "female" model (about 45%). This was put in place to relate more to humans. No functional difference exists between "male" and "female" templars except for "female" Templars are usually slightly shorter and speak with a higher-pitched voice.


Templars consider themselves equal to humans. Calling a Templar a robot, android, machine, or referring to them as "it" will immediately result in extreme rage. They prefer to be called by the correct term "Templar" or their actual name. Referring to them as "it" is the most enraging thing one could do, instead one should refer to them as either "he" or "she" based on their armor model.

They speak a mixture of Portuguese and English called Templarish. A person who could speak both Portuguese and English could understand most of what they say if they spoke slowly. Most Templars have names that are either English or Portuguese.

Although weapons such as swords have long since been rendered obsolete, many Templars still use them for traditional purposes such as duels. A common practice among them is to take portraits with their swords in hand.

Templars are constantly trying to be more like humans, in order to prove they are worthy of being deemed intelligent. They do not actually grow up though. Once they are produced at the factory, they are implanted with a randomly generated personality and name and are fully mature from then on.

There does exist a limited aristocracy in Templaria. Most of it is made of high ranking generals and the like.

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