Terminus is a main sequence F-class star, located within the mid rim of the Milky Way. Terminus is situated nearby 2 magnificent nebulae, which on their own gives any world nearby a great night sky. Terminus is also one of the few systems in the Milky Way to be inhabited and owned primarily by Xa'Thainity.

Terminus is orbited by a dim T-Class brown dwarf named Volcan. Volcan has 8 planets and has a rough system population of 200 Billion inhabitants.

Terminus is remarkably nearby the Portal Nebula. The Portal Nebula grants almost every night sky in the Terminus system a very bright look, and it has increased tourist attractiveness across the region.

As a result of Terminus' luster, the habitable zone for any planet is approximately 2.1-2.75 AU.


There are 9 planets and 2 dwarf planets orbiting Terminus. Here is a look at their basic stats.

Name Population Moons Type
Upra 20 Billion 1 Warm airless terra
Aboll 500 BIllion 5 Temperate marine terra
Enyo 200 Billion 4 Hot arid terra
Stratastrophe 7.5 Billion 1 Torrid arid megacarbonia
Puarus 10 Billion 0 Cold airless miniaquaria
Praonov 2.5 Trillion 78 Frigid superjupiter
Oruta 600 Billion 43 Frigid meganeptune
Surus 2 Trillion 68 Frigid jupiter
Gharos 400 Billion 36 Frigid neptune
Trosk 60 Billion 19 Frigid arid superaquaria
Zosilia 5 Billion 5 Frigid airless miniaquaria
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