Terminus is a main sequence F-class star, located within the mid rim of the Milky Way. Terminus is situated nearby 2 magnificent nebulae, which on their own gives any world nearby a great night sky. Terminus is also one of the few systems in the Milky Way to be inhabited and owned primarily by Xa'Thainity.

Terminus is orbited by a dim T-Class brown dwarf named Volcan. Volcan has 8 planets and has a rough population of 200 Billion inhabitants.

Terminus is a member of one of the only few systems that contain a Cluster Portal within its vicinity. This is particularly useful because it boosts the local economy, and promotes travel to the Terminus System.

Terminus is close to the Portal Nebula. The Portal Nebula grants almost every night sky in the Terminus system a beautiful look, and it has increased tourist attractiveness across the region. As a result of Terminus' luster, the habitable zone for any planet is approximately 2.1-2.75 AU.

The total population for the Terminus System is 6.386‬ Trillion, making it a well-populated system.


There are 9 planets and 2 dwarf planets orbiting Terminus. Here is a look at their basic stats.

Name Population Moons Type
Upra 20 Billion 1 Warm airless terra
Aboll 500 BIllion 5 Temperate marine terra
Enyo 200 Billion 4 Hot arid terra
Stratastrophe 7.5 Billion 1 Torrid arid megacarbonia
Puarus 10 Billion 0 Cold airless miniaquaria
Praonov 2.5 Trillion 18 Frigid superjupiter
Oruta 600 Billion 4 Frigid meganeptune
Surus 2 Trillion 8 Frigid jupiter
Gharos 400 Billion 16 Frigid neptune
Trosk 60 Billion 3 Frigid arid superaquaria
Zosilia 5 Billion 1 Frigid airless miniaquaria
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