TerraMountia is a warm Earth-like planet with Organic Multicelluar marine and terrestrial life   

TerraMountia view from the heavens


TerraMountia is 16.24 Galactic light years away from our own planet Earth, the planet is orbiting an Orange Dwarf (K7.1 V)  - RS 0-0-0-14161-3091 Is the planet's coordinates. TerraMountia has Organic multicellular life forms, both are which marine and terrestrial.  Humans discovered this planet due to a massive signal blasted out to space by the Terramountians (or just Mounteians) in hopes of someone hearing them. Luckily, we heard them loud and clear! 

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The diameter of TerraMountia is roughly 15848.33km. The average temperature of this planet is approximately 100 degrees Celsius. However, this data is misleading: In the mountainous regions on this planet the atmospheric pressure and temperature is suitable for life as we know it.  

This planet is tidally locked: one side of the planet is facing its parents star and the other is not. A side effect of this is that the orbital period and rotational period are the same. It takes 30 days for the planet to complete its full cycle.       



The atmospheric composition of this planet is almost  2x thicker than our own Atmosphere on Earth - estimated to be 1.94atm  

it is made up of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen  and Oxygen

The air, for the most part CO2 is the most abundant gas contributing at least 81% of its own atmosphere then followed by the rest  - with slight traces of helium.

Since it is tidally locked, in the night sky you will see either the stars crossing your view, or just the sun staying in one place. The clouds will not always block the view; it depends where you decide to land of course.

The atmospheric pressure only suitable at higher elevations, so if you do not like heights and would not like to live on mountains, despite the beautiful landscape that this planet has to offer, your empire should refrain from colonizing this planet.



Lovely view on a mountain at TerraMountia

This planet is inhabited by the sentient beings known as 'Mounteians'. Humans named them this due to the fact that they live in the much more tolerable higher elevations. At TerraMountia you will find beautiful Organic life forms. Multicellular creatures inhabit both the sea and the land, so be prepared for any predators you may face. However the civilization, Mounteians as we would call them have reached the technological level of interstellar travel and was just merely experimenting with their new technology that could communicate vast distances. They created a massive burst of energy. Humanity managed to capture and decode this massive blast, known as 'the huge blast', just in time. Because of this, we know we're not alone in the universe and clearly, Mounteians want to be heard and known throughout the cosmos. 

The life that you find here is interesting. You will find, for example, large monsterlike fishes/sea serpents as we may call them back at Earth. They look so mythical and so unreal but yet they evolved perfectly for their own planetary environment. You will mainly find herbivores on land and in the oceans,  however the sentient beings on this planet are actually mainly carnivorous in nature - but they have the technology and knowhow to alter their own DNA to last very long periods of time without sleep or food. 

This planet is also abundant in plant life and has a huge ecosystem in such an extreme environment.

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